Fire Essay

10 October 2016

Planning process in which there is some strength and weaknesses of the planning process I will list some recommendations that could be applied to the fire department. Strategic planning has a somewhat of a long process that I am going to explain through out this paper in which the fallowing questions will give you a good idea of how that Strategic Planning process works.

I’m going to answer this fallowing questions which are “who are we”, “why do we exist”, “where are we going”, “how will we get there”, what do we hope to accomplish”, “what are our strengths and weaknesses” and “ what are our opportunities and threats”? These are the main point on how the process of this plan works. To Start it off Strategic Planning starts with there Leaders and the mangers of the organization, they end up facing a lot of difficult challenges, like shifts in values, tax limits, unfunded mandates, all join together to try and a good volatile global economy.

One of the reasons why strategic planning is going to be here to stay I because its good management, and the most cost effective or efficient way to do the work will be done and the rational model is depicted. There is lots of purpose and benefits Strategic Planning could help with and some examples are facilitating communication, participation, accommodate divergent interests, values & foster wiser, reasonably analytic decisions-making. In which all o this things could help you out well the community to know what’s going on. This establishment of this plan is to state a statement built around the organization mandates.

One thing that we need to make clear is what Strategic Planning isn’t. For example it’s not a substitute for leadership, in which leadership is needed to promote, foster, direct and push the process. Its also not a solution for all of the difficulties but its is a tool designed to assist leaders to think and act fast and smart. Bryson described a ten step process that will help out bring all the parts and actions together, also it will describe what activities and tasks will be needed to be taken to strengthen the strategic plan.

The ten steps of the strategic planning process are pretty straight forward the first one is initiates and agrees upon a strategic planning process the second one is identifying organizational mandates, third one clarifies organizational mission and values fourth one, Assess the organization’s external and internal environments to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The fifth one Identifies the strategic issues facing the organization, the sixth one formulates strategies to manage these issues, and the seventh one reviews and adopts the strategic plan or plans.

The eighth step establishes an effective organizational vision; the night one develops an effective implementation process and the last step re-assess strategies and the strategic planning process. These ten steps lead to the actions, the good results and the evaluation the person should take, this three things should be added and proceed at each step in this process. Now I’m going to talk about each and one of the ten-step processes that are necessary to implement a strategic plan.

The first step was initiating and agreeing on a strategic planning process, in which the purpose of this step is “to negotiate agreement among key internal and perhaps external decision makers or opinion leaders about the overall strategic planning effort and the key planning steps”, there they just support make decisions that will help the process to succeed. The Second step is where they are Identifying organizational mandates, there they are the “formal and informal mandates placed on an organization consist of the various ‘musts” that it confronts”.

Third step that has to be fallowed is the clarifying Organizational mission and values; there the organization’s mission along with its mandates provides the social reason for its existence. The fourth step is where the Assessing the organizational external and internal environments, this one is pretty straight forward it where the team explores the environment outside and the team should also explore the inside of the organization as well to identify the strengths and weaknesses.

Some of those threats cane be discovered with the monitoring a different number of political, economic, social, technological, educational and physical environmental forces and trends. The fifth step is identifying the strategic issues facing the organization and the first four steps is that makes the fifth one and what makes this step are three different elements and they are a concise description in one paragraph, the factors that make the issue a fundamental challenge which should be listed and the planning team in which should prepare a statement of the consequences of failing to address the issue.

The sixth step has a five part process, this step is called the Formulating strategies and plans to manage the issues, which they find resources that define what an organization is. The five-part process starts with the identification of practical alternatives and dreams or visions for resolving the strategic issue. Then planning a team that has dreams and visions and then once the barriers are identified the planning makes a plane and then they take action and the last process is the feedback, which is closely monitored.

The seventh step is the reviewing and adopting the strategies and plan, this s where the team need the approval to proceed with there work and once there approved it important to continue setting those goal and accomplishing them. Step eight is the establishing of an effective organizational vision, which this step here develops a description on how things should look like at the end is the “vision of success”.

The ninth step is the developing an effective implementation process, the action plan take control and the final step the tenth one is the reassessing strategies and the strategic planning process in which they know that there are some strong things about this plan but at the same time there are some weaknesses that are noted. The strategy so this is that the change of cycle can make the governments think off what could go on and how they could improve in the weak spots. There are a lot of was that we can initiate and agree n a Strategic Planning Process.

The first we need to take is by developing a main decision in which the leaders and initial will agree about the overall strategic planning effort and main planning step. Some of the accomplishments that could happen the organization that is controlled, overseen, or strongly influenced by the key decision makers interested in engaging in strategic planning, Introducing the concept of strategic planning, developing an understanding of its value, thinking of the implications of the process, developing a commitment to complete the work along with all reaching agreement this are some of the accomplishment there could be.

But id things go a little wrong if the strategic planning process will affect the entire organization then the organization’s key decision makers need to be involved in the process. Then they will need to set up a policy group and an operational group with a individual to act as a go between the two groups which a high-ranking management person wouldn’t hurt. Something that the initial agreement should contain is the desired outcome expected from the strategic planning process. And also each committee and authority person should have a list of specific tasks that need to be completed along with a tentative time line for completion.

The initiation of strategic planning involves three simple activities for many organizations: “gathering key actors, working through a strategic thinking and acting process, focusing on what is truly important while these activities may be conceptually simple, they can be quite difficult”. The clarifying of mandates and mission is pretty important because before an organization can define its mission and values and the requirement are the laws, ordinances, articles of incorporation in which they where given to the into the organization mission.

There are three outcomes that we have to deal with and they are the identification of the organizations, interpretation of what is required and the clarifications of what is not ruled out by these mandates. The mission statement is the clarification of an organization and its purpose like what it should be doing or said differently, what it does and this mission is what states of the organization should do and if there doing what they said they where going to do.

After that the benefits in which come in had is the discussions in the organization on what’s important, then the leadership is classified to the purpose of the organization and finally the agreement to help solve the arise organizations. The mission statement indicates the organizational purposes they are very long, but it is important to try to keep it as short as possible. Overall the mission is based on the organization and what it wanted to do but they have to stay in control meaning that they have laws, rules that they have t fallow.

Here we will talk about the assessing of the environment to know the strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of the strategic planning process is to provide information on the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and which they are usually internal and refer to the present state of the organization, while opportunities and threats are typically external and future orientated. The outcome of this plan is that we can build a specific action that could deal with the strengths and advantages of the opportunities.

If any type of problem is going on with the organization they should consider institutionalizing periodic SWOT analyses. Over this entire step here is where the organizations need to show their strength and weaknesses in the external and internal environments. And the simpler the steps of the strategic planning are the better. There could also be some strategic issues that the organizations are facing for example the increase of federal demands to expand country programs they coast money, also the increase of ew environmental protection requirements in which are being imposed. There are a couple of ways we could approach the issue and they are direct approach, the indirect approach, the goal approach and the vision of success approach. Each one of them has a good thing and a bad one as well but over all the best one we could use and it’s the most helpful is the direct approach. The only bad thing about this approach is that it works best when there isn’t any type of agreement on the goals of the organization.

But one of the fist things you have to do is establish the goals and once they are set the work starts and that when work task is left alone with responsibility to complete the work on time. The success of the vision approach is helpful when there have been a couple of changes but the new changes need to be viewed by the organization to see if there actions are approved, and after each vision, goals is accomplished the vision is developed with a time line for the work. The indirect approach can be used when direction of the organization is not clear to anyone.

The thing you got to do issue the approach developed to set options to keep the board happy. When fundamental challenges are identified the organization could be concerned of its mandates. The formulating and adopting of the strategies and plans to manage the issues is based developing the deal with strategic issues like they outline an organization response to the challenges each organization faces, and one way this issue could achieve it goal is if the vision of success approach is taken.

There are four levels of and they are grans strategies, sub-unit strategies. , program of strategies and functional strategies. It purpose of strategy formulation and plan development is to make a link with the organization to its environment. The strategic plan has a very important deal with their form and content. Policies, programs, actions decisions all of thins things define what the organization is what it does and why is it that it does it, and that’s how strategies are define.

The next thing that comes is that establishing an effective organizational vision for the future, while many of the public organizations Overall we know now that money isn’t really needed to take over strategic planning and this can help us with the public and any of the organizations so they could make their missions and serve there communities important things. And as you know that it could help you for filled the key stakeholder on there need to make sure there organization and community get what they need.

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