Fire Safety

4 April 2015
Examines emergency management procedures, fire inspections & prevention, sprinkler systems.

”Throughout the lifetime of a building, managing fire safety is a continuous process that starts with its initial design which aims to ensure that fire incidents are minimized, and even if a fire does occur, the fire safety systems, that include active, passive, and procedural systems, are in the right condition and fully operational. Thus fire safety management is an essential part of measures used to avert disasters in the event of fire eventualities. Although the present legislation for buildings ensures that there will never be life threatening fires, it is imperative that fire safety procedures be adopted for every building. Fire management techniques aim at accelerating rescue procedures amongst occupants of buildings in the event of a fire so that threats are minimized. It is believed that the design and regulated engineering in buildings can be effective for fire safety only if the building can be managed and tested by trained staff for the entire life of the building, which is a key criterion for fire safety. If the management of the building is effective, the occupants of a building in the case of a fire can be protected and saved from other losses also.”

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