First Analysis of Online Food Advertising Targeting Children

4 April 2017

This analysis of this article is Kaiser Family Foundation that a non-profit, private organization which focusing on the major health care issues in the U. S. it develops and runs its own research and communications programs, sometimes in partnership with other non-profit research organizations or major media companies. They concerned about obesity problem of the children in the U. S. , and there have a lot of reasons causing this problem, they believe online advertising is one of them.

The US governors have explored a variety of potential contributing factors, including the marketing and advertising of food products to children. The online food advertising is one of areas which governors have interested on, but there had a lack of publicly available data for online food marketing to children. There have so many researches about how television advertising or how product packaging affects children, but there had no research about how online food advertising affects children back in 2005.

In order to help fill this gap, so they designed to do one by themselves to help both governors and advertisers who gone use online advertising, hope they can have a new Self-discipline guidelines for online advertising. In this analysis said that 85% of the top food brands using both TV Ads and branded websites to target children online. Unlike TV ads, these branded websites have a lot of opportunity for interacting with the visitors and provide more detailed of their foods. Online advertising’s reach isn’t as broad as that of television, but it’s much deeper,” ( Kaiser) said by Vicky Rideout, vice president and director of Kaiser’s Program. That is was why she thinks the advertising industries need a self-discipline guideline for online marketing. In the research, Kaiser Family Foundation studied the top 77 food brand’s web site which received more than 12. 2 million visits from children ages 2 to 11 in 2nd quarter of 2005(Kaiser). There had two new terms used in this analysis which are the major factors in this analysis.

The first term used in this analysis call “Advergames”, according to front network. net “Advergame is an interactive game product created for advertising/to advertise. The core/basic idea of advergame is that game will be developed as a kind of advertisement/is to develop games into advertisement, we hope customers will receive the information while playing the games. ” this study saying that 73% of the websites have advergames, and some site has up to 60 games per site. In this analysis it gave example such as Lucky Charms site hey can play Lucky’s Magic Adventure and “learn the powers of all eight charms” found in Lucky Charms cereal. To encourage additional time spent at the website, many of the games promote repeat playing (71%), offer multiple levels of play (45%), or suggest other games the visitor might enjoy (22%). The second first term used in this analysis call “Viral marketing”, according to dictionary. com viral marketing is “a direct marketing technique in which a company persuades internet users to forward its publicity material in e-mails (usually by including jokes, games, video clips, etc)”

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