First and Later Borns’ Test Performance

4 April 2015
An analysis of CTB test performance of first and later borns.

This research paper analyzes the test results of CTB test for first and later borns’ performance. The author provides statistical data, literary reviews and theories regarding this issue. The author introduces the studies of the Office of National Statistics and of Denise F. Polit, Ph.D.
`The research above shows that CTB test scores are measurers of performance based on knowledge and skills of the children. Their scores do not affect their educational knowledge. Each individual was tested on their inherent traits rather then on what they achieved at schools or colleges. IN order not to differentiate them, first borns from later borns, CTB test was chosen. That is why the results that were analyzed did not show any differences in their scores except for high scorers and low scorers. The CTB test also was chosen with the view that it tested the children from all aspects yet not differentiating them in the sectional scoring. Hence, any differences in results were the results of their performance and not on their external factors like birth order, educational or ethnic background. The requirement to screen children as first or later borns was compulsory to gauge how they score against the variable of birth order.`

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