First Crusade of 11th Century

4 April 2015
Historical, religious, social, political, economic & military aspects of Christian Crusade culminating in storming of Jerusalem by Frankish army.

On a November day in the year 1195, in one of the most famous of medieval scenes, Pope Urban II addressed an enormous throng at the French town of Clermont. He spoke, in emotional language, of the Holy Land and the Holy Places, groaning under the rule of the Muslim infidel, and of the outrages perpetrated against Christian pilgrims. He called upon the nobles in his audience to end their destructive private wars against one another, and for the sake of all Christendom to turn their swords against the infidel: to mount a great pilgrimage in arms for the rescue of the Holy Land. His audience, which had wept at the sorrows and outrages he had portrayed, now raised their voices thunderously. Deus Veult! they cried: God wills it!
Five years later, on June 15, 1199, followed perhaps one of the most infamous scenes of the Middle Ages. A Frankish..

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