First day of high school

7 July 2016

My first day of high school was at Riverside secondary and it was a breeze I assume kids would be anxious on the first day of high school. There are bigger kids it’s a new school new teachers that sort of thing. This didn’t bother me though I had a good set of my middle school buddies and the best part was that I lived 3 minutes away so I could sleep in. My day started with me waking up energized without an annoying alarm clock buzzing in my ear.

After a filling breakfast my buddy Ryan was at my door waiting to head out. He was transferring from my old school and this was like icing on the cake I didn’t get to see him as much. Since we were going to different schools, but now that had all changed. When we got to school it was pretty hectic the front lobby was full with boards carrying our schedules and kids cramming between each other trying to find theirs. So I went off with Ryan to look for some of my friends until it calmed down.

First day of high school Essay Example

Once we meet up with my friends and I introduced Ryan to them we got our schedules, and headed to our classes. Ryan had a class with one of my good friend, but unfortunately for me I didn’t have classes with any of my close friends. This didn’t bother me though you win some you lose some and my day was looking pretty good so far. Everything was going well. I got through first, second period, which was pretty boring the teachers just talked about the class outline, and what they expected from us but I did see some familiar faces.

Then I met up with my friends for lunch and we had a good laugh and boastfully reported on which cute girls we had in our classes. The bell rang we headed to third period which blew by, and then came fourth. I don’t know why but fourth period has always felt the longest to me maybe because it was the last class of the day. Once the bell rang freeing me from boredom, I count up with my friends we hanged out for a bit before heading home. Ryan stayed at my place until he got picked up and we talked about school. My first day of high school was a breeze.

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