First Day of School

7 July 2016

A successful opening for the School Year 2013-2014 Welcomed us. Every first are significant to human life because it leaves a mark, a lot that would stay on our life as long as we live. First day of school is one of the most awaited events on a student’s life, from the excitement to use our new set of school supplies, new pair of shoes, a brand new bag and even in wearing once again our school uniform after a long break. What’s more important is that it opens a new door for learning and a new vista for treasured knowledge and a new memories that’s worth reminiscing.

During our first day, we will experience our first glance to our new classroom, on how we first sat to our new arm chair and on how our heart beats fast in anticipating for the arrival of our new set of educators as much as it beats when we first saw our crush for the current school year. The first greetings of our friends with our unending discussion in sharing our summer experiences. This is also the time that we will meet our new adviser and the time for first impressions. Impressions that would last in our entire living.

First Day of School Essay Example

Being a Junior Student, we have experience a lot of first day at school and some occurrences are the same from the previous one but it didn’t our enthusiasm to take our single stem in entering our new classroom. Hearing those familiar voices that covers the room, meeting our friends and continue our great camaraderie. Aside from excitement we also feels a little bit nervous, for the new subjects that would serve us an obstacle to our student life, for the hardships that we might encounter while we are studying.

But we know these hardships would make us strong and would persuade us to learn more and to study better to achieve our goals. Those first times mentioned above and even those experiences built-up a new horizon in the world of knowledge, gives hope to those inquisitive minds and motivate us, as a student to study harder. In culmination to this, we do believe that, “A first day on school would make a thousand days of success. ” We are hoping for a prosperous School Year and wishing for a great School Year!

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