First Fight

Fighting can be for a reason or it can be Just because someone is so stupid they would rather fight than resolve the problem. I remember my first fight like it was Just yesterday. I was in grade school, 5th grade to be exact. I was walking to the gym. It was a very hot timid day. The sun was beaming down real heavy. You could possibly have had a heat stroke. As I was walking down the sidewalk reading my library book, I accidentally bumped into this girl. I apologized but I guess that wasn’t good enough cause she Just started snapping for no reason at all.

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First Fight
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Boy was I scared. My heart was beating so fast that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I have always had a fear about fighting, but I guess in this case I didn’t have a choice because she slapped me. I felt like a thousand knives had hit me in my face. Before I knew it all I saw was black. My eyes were shut really tight that I couldn’t see anything nor did I remember anything. It was like I blanked out. I was a very shy quite person, so I didn’t know what to do when it was time to fight.

All I remember is that I was feeling like Tremor Bricks did when Mike Tyson knocked him out. I was very embarrassed, too ashamed to even look up. I didn’t know if I had won or if even a win was determined. Now I don’t know what comes to your mind when you hear the word “fight”, but when I finally came back to reality everybody and they mama was surrounded around me. Asking me questions like was I okay, what happened, and so more. I was standing there like really are you really asking me these questions, and they Just seen me pick yeses up off the ground.

After all the commotion settled the down and we remain to our classes, the principal called us both to the office. I was so petrified that I called my mother to come get me. As I walked in the office the principal called me in first to come talk to him. As scared as I was I Just started crying. You can call me a big baby because that’s exactly what I was a big baby. Before he could say anything my mother ran in the door madder than the Spurs was when they lost their game against the Grizzlies, an upset.

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