First impressions

8 August 2016

Have you ever met someone and instantly though “I don’t like this person. ”? This is called a first impression. A first impression can be very difficult to change, however it can happen. First impressions are very important and it may take a long time to alter your outlook on something new, but with enough time and effort this opinion could transform into a new one. Change is a part of life so one little opinion is bound to change at some point A first impression is the split-second decision you make about how you feel when you first met someone new.

This choice can decide whether someone is your best friend or if you dislike them. A well know change of opinion is in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” and the people who view the film. In one scene you see the movies main character Chris after going to jail for not paying a parking ticket. Looking at him dirty and wearing clothes covered in paint, the common thought is he is poor and in no condition to take care of his children. As the movie goes on you see that even in his struggles he is still a responsible and caring father.

First impressions Essay Example

Your first instinct of someone may sometimes be correct and it will always be significant, but with time you might find your original judgment is no longer accurate. People change and with them so should your thoughts about them. The first time you meet someone they might be in a bad mood, maybe they have had a difficult day or they lost something. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover so you shouldn’t form an opinion after only just meeting someone.

If you have ever had a friend who is big and looks threatening but is actually really nice, then you know you had to talk to them on multiple occasions to see who they really are. You can also have first impressions about an object. You might dislike certain things at first but if you keep an open mind you may begin to appreciate them. For example, let’s say you are an eleven year old, active, fun-loving boy. You just moved in to a new house and you don’t like it at first. You think it is small and boring. In ten years your attitude for it changes.

Now that you are older and focused on other things you think it is the perfect place to work quietly. What was once small and boring is now cozy and peaceful. It just depends on your view at that current time. In all first impressions are exceptionally important, and they can change. They can also be good or bad. Giving someone a second chance could change your whole life and their whole life. So unless you are applying for a job hopefully someone’s first opinion of you won’t be permanent. After all, if all friendships were based upon first impressions, there would a lot less friend ships.

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