First Nations Education in Saskatchewan

4 April 2015
Examines the advantages and disadvantages of First Nations education in Canada.

This paper discusses the issue whether First Nations should have total control over their education in Saskatchewan and Canada. The author examines the advantages and disadvantages of having First Nations teach, guide, and overlook all of the aspects in each First Nations student’s school career.
First Nation’s education is based on traditional values, which put together the principles of wholeness, order, balance, and respect for the spiritual and natural world. They are taught to love and live in Mother Nature and what she brings to everyone’s lifestyle. First Nation’s students have the right to develop programs and services of the highest quality. They should have the same opportunities as each and every other student in Saskatchewan and Canada towards their future in this world. First Nation’s communities, parents, Elders, and teachers expect high quality education and academic skills from their students.
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