Five Guys and a Burger

9 September 2016

Guys Burgers and Fries Week 3 Assignment Contemporary Business Raymond Greer April 30, 2013 Induction Five Guys has been a favorite in the Washington D. C. area since 1986 when Jerry Murrell two oldest sons acknowledged that the two wasn’t going to attend college the Murrell used the money that was envisioned for their college tuition to get into the food industry. (Boone L. E. & Kurtz D. L. (2012 update) P. 78. In 2003 Jerry and his wife, together with the Five Guys brand began offering franchise opportunities in just over a year the Five Guys enterprises sold options for over 200 units.

Twenty years since the opening of the first store present there are over 1,000 locations nationwide and over 1500 in progress…. Determine how five guys philosophy sets it apart from other fast-food chains? Five Guys philosophy that sets them apart from other fast food restaurant is due to Jerry Murrell establishment focuses on the quality of the product and customer satisfaction to both as stated in the company’s mission statement: “Our mission is simply selling quality burgers and our quality products to community” (2009 Five Guys Annual Report) Jerry Murrell believed that the best salesman was the customers.

Five Guys and a Burger Essay Example

“Treat that person right, he’ll walk out the door and sell for you” (Contemporary Business P. 78. ) Five Guys spends no money on adverting they let their products and service speak for themselves. Jerry’s main focus was to put all the money into the ingredient’s but the company depends more on the word of mouth method. Analyze the original values for the start-up company and how it reminds today? In the beginning, Murrell believed that in order to compete with another fast-food chains, Five Guys would had to focus more on the food.

The meat for the burgers are 80 percent lean than another fast food restaurant patties, they are never frozen always fresh, burgers are made to order with a selection of different topics they are 250,000 different ways to prepared a five guys burger. The buns are toasted on a grill while most fast-food chains uses toasters and the fries are hand cut from Idaho potatoes, cooked in peanut oil, their menu are trans-fat free. The company only contends on top quality ingredients. (Contemporary Business 2012 update P 78. ) Five Guys Values and Attributes:

Five Guys Values and Attributes reflect the company’s core principles and drives the decisions that’s being made. Taste: Fives guys makes and sell their products for the best taste ever Comfortableness: Provide consumers with comfortable setting to enjoy food Cleanliness: provides customers with clean institution Quality: provide god service as well as product with the best quality possible for consumers Friendship: Interact with customers in a polite manner. (2009 Five Guys Annual Report) Enumerate three factors that contributed to five guy’s culture??

The three factors that contributed to Five Guys culture are: Customer Service, Ads, and Family. Customer Service: As stated in the Company’s Vision statement: “Our main goal is to sell the burgers possible and provide the best customer service in the community. In order to fulfill these standards we focus primarily on quality, service and cleanliness. (2009 Five Guys Annual Report) Five Guys are consumer focused the main goal is to establish strong communication between the company and its customers the most important value of is admiration towards customers because the customers expects that… (2009 Five Guys Annual Report)

Adverting: As stated before Five Guys doesn’t spend money on adverting but instead uses the word of mouth method. According to the Company Annual Report: The company message should be understated, subtle not boastful. Family: Five Guys and a Burger grew to 570 franchises in the United States and as well as Canada, all the Murrells sons eventually joined the company, which the family still runs today. (Contemporary Business P. 78) Assess how ethical and social practices are part of the five guy’s culture?

According to the textbook business ethics standards of conduct and moral values governing actions and decisions in the work environment. Business also must take into account a wide range of social issues, including how a decision will affect the environment, employers and customers. (Contemporary Business P. 36). The way ethical and social apply to Five Guys is the way the company focus on customer service and products that the serves as stated before instead of spending millions on adverting the money is being used to fund the ingredients and customer service is the most important value to the company Conclusion

In 1986 Jerry Murrell and his sons has turned a hamburger joint into a fast growing chain with its low-key adverting, the company has become a favorite among many customers across the country. Five Guys will continue to be one of the biggest competitors in the food industry… References: Electrical Wholesale; Mar 2009, Vol 90 Issue 3 P 53-57 Shopping Centers Today Vol 28 Issue 7, P 32-33 2009 Five Guys Annual Report Boone. L. E. & Kurtz, D. L. (2012 update). Contemporary Business 14th ED. Hoboken, N. J. John Wiley & Sons www. fiveguys. com

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