Five Minds of a Manager

7 July 2016

In today’s ever changing global economy, managers need to be able to deal with the changes that are taking place such as technology business processes, job descriptions and skill sets. Companies are developing programs in order to keep up with the constant change. Managers are often the first to deal with the changes so they can produce programs to help employees deal with the transitions. Companies who have a plan in place regarding systems approach of organization can adjust easy to the changes and remain a viable business. In today’s changing times, managers are more in need than ever.

Managers need to have many different traits in order to be a good manager. This paper will discuss what it is to be a good manager in today’s global economy. In order to be a good manager one needs to understand what a systems approach is and how it interacts with our economy. The systems approach to management is a concept which views a company as an interconnected purposive system that consist of several business sections. (www. buzzle. com. The system can be broken down by three parts, the first part is input; which all the raw materials of an organization.

Five Minds of a Manager Essay Example

The second part is called the process which refers to the actives related to management and the third is output which is the end result of the products. These systems need to intertwine with one another in order for a company to change their business processes and in order to stay competitive with our current times. Not only does the organization need to change; so do the people, jobs descriptions, and skill sets. Management needs to have a holistic approach when implementing the change. Organizations that implement a system approach correctly will be able to remain effective during the changing times.

Employees’ moral will remain positive and work production will increase. In order for this to 3 happen, managers must be able to manage employees in an effective way along with overcoming obstacles that might come along the way. In the last few years the management role has been an important role in many organizations, but in the past, leadership was always the main focus. Leaders have realized they need the help of managers in order to run a successful organization. A management job may be seen as impossible job to do because of the constant changes that are being asked of the manager.

For example maintain the order of the organization, meeting the quotas while keeping employees happy. Successful managers need to think their way through their daily tasks. Most managers use five different minds sets in order to be a good manager. Managers need to use the five different models in order for them to adapt with the changing global times. Each mind set has specific functions that will help managers maintain a healthy workplace for employees. It also allow managers to focus on the many tasks at hand and gives the manager time to think on how to get the job done correctly.

In summary managing effectively encompasses five basic tasks each with its own mind-set. A reflective mind-set allows a manager to stop and think; step back and reflect on what is going on around the organization. Manager must have reflection because without it management would be mindless. Reflection often puts events into a perspective, allowing managers to see what worked and want didn’t work. When managers reflect back on the event, a manger can foresee changes needed in order to make the organization stronger. A manger that uses the reflective mind set gains an understanding of their personal leadership philosophy and style and

4 how they present themselves to others, their strengths and weaknesses, and their current leadership skills. Managers will also need to be able to have a strong analytical mind set which will enable mangers to make decisions and solve problems under difficult circumstances. When managers use good analysis, it will allow people to share an understanding of what is driving their efforts and it can also be used as a measurement for performance. An organization may test the manager to see if he has analytical skills. The manager may be asked to look for issue in an advertisement or put a series of events in the proper order.

Senior managers look to managers to be able to have analytical skills because senior managers usually have less contact and need feedback that is provided to them by the managers. A downside in using an analytical mindset is that one either puts too much trust into the data or not enough trust because one has not had direct experience with the situation. Managers of a worldly mindset use practical real world experience to see the world in a detailed view of cause and effect. Worldliness is the key to effective management. Managers who use the worldly view will be able to manage the action that takes place on the edges.

It also gives clear views between the sides with letting managers know why and how things are different. Mangers need to know that using this mindset is important in regards to systems thinking. Knowing what parts of system are essential and which are not, allows the management of an organization to focus on the important parts that need to be change with an organization. 5 The collaborative mindset engages managers to listen more than they talk and get out of their offices to interact with their employees. Collaborative mindset does not allow managers to manage people; it helps managers have relationships with people.

Managers need to have the ability to work in partnership and collaborate with others. Doing something kind for employees with no expectation of anything in return helps managers focus on what you can do to benefit the other person, not vice versa. Your positive, genuine efforts will have a lasting impact. By doing all of the above it will raise overall performance in the organization. Finally the action mind set is used by managers in order for people to work and learn together by tackling real issues and reflecting on their actions.

Managers acquire knowledge through actual actions and practice rather than through traditional instruction. Action learning is done in conjunction with others, in small groups. It enables each person to reflect on and review the action they have taken and the learning points arising. This should then guide future action and improve performance. An action learning approach has been recognized as a valuable tool for managers and has increased production in organizations. In summary it was hard for me to choose two points to talk about in the article “Five minds of a manager”.

I believe in order to have effective performance; each mind-set needs to be used. When using the five mindsets, a manger will reflect, act, and reflect some more. Managers must realize that collaboration is necessary in order to have a successful organization and pleased workers. Sometimes mangers are not willing to change their current techniques when it comes to running their organization because they are committed to their own ways, but I believe a good manager needs to remain calm and lead by example. By using the five-mind 6 approaches, it will only benefit the manger.

Managers will see the positive growth of their business and the motivation of their employees to succeed. Managers have one of the toughest jobs because they have to deal with employee’s ego and expectations. Managers need to be able to motivate their employees and stop them from going to other organizations. Managers must also make employees feel needed. This can all become exhausting for managers to do on a daily basis; this is why managers need to use the five mind-sets. It will help guide them during difficult times so they don’t become overwhelmed themselves.

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