Five Reasons To Love All Time Low

9 September 2019

1. Their lyrics. The words are very metaphorical and trashy-poetic. “Tangled up in lies like the sheets of another one-night stand.” Also, they have quite a vocabulary. “You’re so synical.” “Give me therapy, I’m a walking Travesty.” The words they write are intellegent enough to the point where they don’t have to curse like sailors, but do when it feels necessary.

2. The music itself. A lot of their newest songs have some crazy computer-generated add-ons, which give off a poppy-electronica feel. While the old stuff stays true to every teenage boy’s love for distorted guitars and fast-paced drumbeats.

Five Reasons To Love All Time Low Essay Example

3. Their music videos. The boys get to show-off their personalities (and in some cases, alter egos), and embrace their weirdness.

4. The band members. These crazy guys never stop making audiences laugh and become slightly confused by their sarcastic and blunt and sometimes ridiculous comments during interviews. And in thier recently released DVD, cleverly titled “Straight To DVD (STD for short),” you get to see how truely ridiculous Jack, Zack, Rian and Alex can be. The four are jumping off of walls, kicking down doors, running around naked, and even dressing like girls at one point, throughout the entire film. While taking breaks from the party to play some music of course.

5. Their attitudes. The main theme of all things All Time Low is to be wild, and crazy, and yourself. In fact, their third album happens to be named “So Wrong It’s Right,” after their infamous motto. The boys are known for being odd enough to do an entire photoshoot in tighty whities while eating bananas and make music videos about beating 9-year-old girls in a gymnastics competion and fighting their alter-egos for a stripper named Maria (and a chimp, no less,) and they wouldn’t have it any other way. The guys that make up All Time Low don’t take themselves seriously whatsoever, and don’t expect anyone else to, either.

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