Flag Football

7 July 2016

Flag Football is a version of American or Canadian football. It is very popular worldwide. The basic rules of the game are similar to those of the mainstream game that is often called tackle football but instead of tackling players to the ground the defensive team must remove a flag or flag belt form the ball carrier “ de flagging” to end a down. Other rules are you can have a minimum of five players. No jewelry or things like that that would get in the way. All pads and braces must be worn above the waist.

Bare feet are not allowed you must wear tennis shoes or rubber cleats. Cleats with metal are not okay if you do wear them you won’t be able to play. There are no set uniforms but you have to tuck in your shirt or jersey. You don’t need a ball or bat or racket of any kind to play this game. You just need flag belts. They are like a belt that you can clip or snap on to your body. They have flags hanging down that allow other players to pull off of you. They have to be visible to the other players. That is why their shirt has to be tucked in.

Flag Football Essay Example

Free kicks are not aloud in flag football only punting and it can not be quick punting that is not aloud either. Touchdowns are the biggest way to get points just like in American football. It gives the team six points. Each team is aloud two one minute time out period per half. The game can go from about one to two hours long. It is played all over the United States. There can be anywhere from as little of four to eleven or twelve players on each team. It is one of the only sports that can be played with both male and female on the field at one time. Or they can have their own games.

The sport has a strong amateur following and several nation and international competitions each year sponsored by various associations and companies. People take it very seriously but the game is also played just for fun. There are also festivals such as the International Flag Football Festival organizes the World Cup of Flag Football that features teams from the United States, Mexico and several other nations. The game of flag football has been played since the mid 1800’s. The first college game occurred between Princeton and Rutgers on November. 6. 1869.

And the professional game has been played in some form since 1895. The game of Touch and Flag Football has been around nearly as long as tackle football. Flag football was developed on military bases in the early 1940’s as a recreational sport for military personal. Recreational leagues also soon developed in the late 40’s and early 50’s. They were patterned around the softball league format and now the game we all love and now as Flag football was born. Then in 1997 an attempt was made in tis direction with the formation of the professional Flag football league.

The directors of USFTL, AFTFL and the USFFL met in Cleveland, Ohio and agreed in principal to have the top nine man team in the nation participate in four regional tournaments in the summer of 1998. The events were played all over Cleveland, Raleigh, Pittsburgh and Albany. The winners of these four events would each take home $2,500 in cash and play a single elimination “ Pro Flag Bowl” on the Hall of Fame field in Canton, Ohio! It was quite a big deal. Women’s Flag football is difficult to measure because it was not until recently, there had never been a central women’s flag football office or organization.

Now there is what is known as the International Women’s Flag football association, known as the IWFFA. It was organize to record information on Women Flag Football players, knows as WFF. Women have been playing against other teams locally on the weekend for recreational reasons or to just hang out and socialize with friends but they seem to really enjoy it. Ancient civilizations such as the Chinese who in 3000 BC, are believed to have played some kind of variation of flag football and this invented the game.

The Egyptians also showed some form of the game and later the Greeks played a sport very much like flag football, which was recorded. Other nationalities started playing versions of the game as time went on. At first the different genders were not ok with mixing it up and playing with each other but now we are playing with both boys and girls. Flag football is a very fun and easy game played by both men and women all around the world. I personally really enjoy playing the game. I love the fact that the rules aren’t really strict, you don’t have to wear a ton of gear and you don’t often get hurt.

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