Flags of our fathers sy Flags of our Fathers This story iS about Six Ordinary boys. The boys were known as heroes but that didn’t want to be called heroes They want to be known as normal people that fought in the war. Their names were Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley, Jack Bradley, Harlon Block, Mike Strank, and Rene Gagnon. These men raised the Flag on Mount Suribachi_ These men are so famous they wrote a book about them and made movie about them.

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The life they lived was like any other person except for the part about war _ The uthor Is trying to tell people who read the book that life comes with challenges. In life there are many challenges they are like very small wars. The challenge Tat these men took was the hardest challenge in life. The challenge was world war 11 they took on this challenge at the age 18-25 years old. Life Is a meaningful challenge about how you can conquer lite. They did not want to be known as heroes tor there actions. They said the real heroes are the ones who died tor their country.

They found out that the key to life comes with successes. The Battle of two Jima lasted 36 days. On the first day there were 566 men killed and 1,755 wounded. During the last week on the beach the men were searching the cave the Japanese had dug, and found 150 Japanese men freshly dead. They were suicidal men. The Japanese were taught during boot camp that you kill your self before being take prisoner. They did that exactly by committing suicide. They killed them selves by holding grenades to their chest. This was a hard fought battle but the U. S. came out on top.

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