Flamenco Dance

6 June 2017

This art of these dances were formed over several centuries from different people that may be a Gypsy, Moorish, Andalusian and other roots. It became very popular in the early 19th century. Flamenco dance was great for caf© entertainment It was known that many people would gather in and eat a meal or sip on their favorite drink while watching these very talented performers perform. 3) For a performer it’s not an easy task to jump up on stage, and perform a dance like so with that much passion and fire. Performers had to first learn the steps to the dance that they were going to perform that night. Getting ready before the performances women had to squeeze their self into a long frilly dress, which is called bate de cola. Women also wore a shawl with these dresses to cover their shoulders, sometimes even a fan were a part of the outfit to make it complete. Men on the other hand had a very different costume. Men typically wore a flat Cordonban hat, and tight black pants.

It was believed that men wore these tight pants to show off their figures a little more. (#3) When people think about the everyday life of a performer they might first think, well they don’t do much, or they Just get on stage every night and have an easy job. Well if one were to research the everyday life of one of these performers they would realize being a performer in any area is never easy. know myself putting in all the precursor for even an activity Like volleyball takes a lot of my own time. People never see the work that is being put behind the scenes of these activities, they just see the performances and Judge it by that.

Flamenco Dance Essay Example

Unless you’re a parent or sibling of an active person you truly don’t understand the time that’s put Into It. I’m sure dancers feel the same. One cannot just jump up on stage at night without any previous practice Performers take time learning and rehearsing these dances to make sure they are with their performances. There Isn’t Just one specific dance In flamenco; there are 50 different flamenco performances (#3) In flamenco music there are three different elements, these elements are song, dance, and guitar.

First I’ll give a little background out song. Flamenco song is also called canto. Canto is the core of flamenco all music. Flamenco song can be sung in that is sung when the song that’s being sung is about love or nature. (#4) A male flamenco singer is called a cantor, while a female singer is called. (#3) The first of all flamenco songs would be described as a deep tortured howl. (#4) The second element in flamenco music is dance. A flamenco dancer is called a bailer for male and biliary for women. (#3) Flamenco dance is very intense.

At the beginning of the performance the performers will often stand motionless for the first ea moments to let their selves fully absorb the strums of the guitar, the reactions of the audience which may include clapping and the sound of the singers as well. The performers do this until the inspiration hits him or her and it takes over their body. Performers show an excessive amount of emotions on their face throughout their whole performance. (#4) The major role for the flamenco dancer is to physically interpret the words of the song that is being sung.

They do this by their movements on stage and their expression on their faces. Performers such as a male and female performing a duet are said to be the most vivid performers. These two dancers a known to keep their eyes locked on one another. They do this so they can constantly build off one another in their emotion, passion, and sexual tension. (#5) The third and final element in flamenco is the guitar. The guitar is extremely important throughout the performances. The flamenco guitar is made by Spanish cypress and spruce wood. This guitar is lighter and smaller than the average guitar nowadays.

The guitarist known as a tucker does not play the guitar the same way as people play the guitar today. They’re special rules when it comes to playing a Spanish guitar. During some performances the guitarist taps on his guitar which makes a soothing sound during the song. A guitarist in flamenco music usually is a person who has inherited the gift from their parent who did the same thing. Being a flamenco guitarist is a nerve-racking task, because they don’t want to have any flaws that could distract the performers performing the dance at that time.

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