Flicker by Niall Horan

7 July 2019

Former member of “One Direction”, Niall Horan, ventured deeper into the music world when One Direction broke up in late 2015.The rest of his band mates followed shortly after him.Horan’s album took a couple of years to construct but, later came out with “Flicker”.It hit us with a huge surprise.“Flicker” was released in late October, and he surprised all of his fans, including me, because the album was out of the blue, and just really not expected.Many different types of songs he created are said to “fit his personality”, so no wonder so many fans love his music.“Flicker” includes many different types of songs, including “This Town”, with a little more acoustic sounds to it.His change from “One Direction” does not seem like a very big change, but loyal fans see his changes.And populatarty is not taking advantage of Niall!He is very steady, and keeps it low with fame, including the release of his album.

“Flicker” has a very wide variety of songs, many of them acoustic, but yet many others very different than what expected.“Slow Hands” is one of his most popular song.It has a very deep, and mellow tune to the song.“This Town”, is another one of his most popular songs.It has a smooth, and acoustic feel to it, especially with headphones.“This town” topped the charts in late 2016, and thus revealing hints about his new album, but still keeping it a surprise.To describe this song myself, I would call “This Town” a very sensitive, and thought out song, because he is talking about someone he loves, and how he could spent the rest of his life with him or her.“Flicker” was inspired by many bands, including “The Eagles”, and Bon Jovi.Some of his songs sound very different from his former mates, and sound more like in my opinion Bon jovi, but with an acoustic, and a velvety feel to it.

When the band split up in late 2015, many fans were devastated.But many of the boys made a huge comeback since, including Niall Horan.Many fans noticed how much his music changed since the last album of One Direction was released.It went from all pop, and topping the chart music, to more of a subtle, and rich type of music.In my opinion, I thought that is was really odd that he did not follow in the original footsteps, and go all pop, but his new music is outstanding.Changes from his original band are huge, and are helping him in his future of music.

His popularity has skyrocketed since his departure in 2015.His album has been at the top of the charts since its release in October, thus adding to his fame.He has reached new music levels, topping others including: Charlie Puth, Harry Styles, and Shawn Mendes.One Direction brought him to the top, but his new album, is making him famous all over again.He came out of the shell, when his music was released.One Direction fans knew so much about them in the beginning , so just imagine how much they know about Niall now that he released his own album.Saying that, fans could see how much they could, and couldn’t do, such as write their own music without getting criticized, and heavily edited.In my opinion, his music helped him come out of the shell he was stuck in.Including living a more open lifestyle, and writing more music that fits his personality.

Niall Horans “Flicker” topped the charts, and still is in 2017. His different types of music, changes from one direction, and this popularity will not keep him down from creating new songs.“Flicker”is an album that will calm everyone’s soul, and just keep you in a calm mood.In my opinion, my favorite song is “On The Loose”.It’s my favorite, because I love the words that go along with it, and just his voice in it is amazing.In conclusion, “Flicker” is a chart topping album with many amazing songs, and Niall opening his horizon more helps him create wonderful new music.

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