”Flight” Movie Review Essay Sample

9 September 2017

A well-known film maker Robert Zemeckis got a repute as a province of the art film maker in 1985 when he directed the comedic clip travel “Back to The Future” movie series. He went on to do Academy Award films such as ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Forest Gump” ( June 3. 2011 ) . “Flight” stars a all-around playing veteran Denzel Washington. Washington plays a flight captain. Whip Whittaker. who is at the hard clip in his life combating drug and intoxicant dependence as a flight captain. He becomes a hero and has to do a determination that can alter his life. After reexamining the film we can find the ground for him going a hero. the “real” Whip. and my concluding reappraisal of the movie.

In the film “Flight” . the major character Denzel Washington presents a bad portrayal of professionalism. He plays an air hose flight captain addicted to money. sex. and intoxicant. Whip decides to utilize cocaine to wake up after a dark with small slumber to wing the following forenoon. That forenoon during the flight Whip meets intense turbulency. In fact. while at cruising height. Whip falls asleep taking the co-pilot to take over. Finally. a mechanical noise wakes him suddenly. Here is when we see the feature that appears to do Whip a hero. His assurance to set down the plane during mechanical malfunction is really symbolic in footings of being seen as a hero.

The standout heroic minute in the movie is when the plane travels at high velocities straight for the land and Whip intentionally turns’ the plane upside down doing them to wing upside-down. Whip chose to make this to decelerate down the velocity of plane and he so turns’ the plane back over as they approach the land and set downing the plane right side up. This determination saved many lives. Now his dependence to drugs is intentionally mentioned several times in the movie. but simply referred to as his “medicine” . This can be seen as a contrast to the confident adult male we see as the hero figure who landed the plane under overpowering and utmost conditions. He is instead a adult male that is addicted to drugs and intoxicant. From this we can reason that Denzel Washington’s character is non the mean movie hero we have come to cognize in films. but he is more like a hero in camouflage. This event leads us to find the “real” whip underneath the camouflage.

The major character in this movie shows the mundane battles of closeted drug and intoxicant maltreatments in a professional scene. Using a true instance of dependence. Richard Zemeckis displays how your life can alter in any given minute as a consequence of your dependence. For Whip. that minute came the twenty-four hours he became a hero. The minute he became a hero in other people’s eyes he had to come to clasps with his ain world and non that of which the outside universe perceived him as. The world of him being a drug nut in his eyes was both a positive and negative. He knew that the drugs helped him set down the plane. but that it besides highlights his dependence as a new visible radiation. This movie highlighted the effects of those concealing their drug dependence. In Whips instance. this plane clang brought his job full frontlet. Although. he had done this is whole life. this event was his life modifier. He chose to come clean as consequence of this event because the individual he was perceived as and the individual he really was two different people. At the terminal he came clean to others and himself. The “real” Whip came frontward doing the alteration of his life.

The movie “Flight” directed by Richard Zemeckis uses an allegorical figure of immorality to expose the subject of dependence that is displayed in the movie. This movie is first-class from the beginning to the really end chiefly due to the great public presentations from the dramatis personae. Denzel Washington shines in this great movie. John Goodman is fantastic as Whips cupboard friend and accordingly his drug supplier. The movie is an underline survey of dependence in the professional universe. Whip could non hold saved those people lives if he wasn’t under the influence in his head. That is an addict manner of thought. which is why he made the determination he did at the terminal. Ultimately. when a individual is at the hamlets between the semblances of life and the uncertainness of the hereafter a existent hero will do the right determination. I would urge this movie to others to see the consequence of drug maltreatment. The movie was a general surprise because beforehand I had no cognition that the movie would reflect add-on. It met my outlooks because it was a light intense oculus gap movie that keeps me fascinate throughout the whole movie.

Inclusion. from the movie we can see that it related straight to drug and intoxicant dependence seen through the eyes of the nut. The movie high spots both the positive and the negatives of being a drug nut. The movie showcase what can go on as a consequence of person populating a life in camouflage. The movie met all outlooks with presenting a solid and convincing message as it relates to drug dependence. After reexamining the film. we can find the ground behind the gallantry in the movie. the “real” individual behind the mask of Denzel Washington character Whip. and the concluding feeling the movie made.


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