Florence Nightingale’s Nursing Model

4 April 2015
A discussion on Florence Nightingale’s nursing model and its positive influence on the nursing profession and hospitals.

This paper discusses Florence Nightingale’s contribution to nursing field. Nightingale developed a new modern nursing model that emphasized on improving sanitation and hospital conditions as well as developing research on certain diseases. Nonetheless, this nursing model focused on the patient’s needs.
`It was Florence Nightingale who established professional nurses’ training and who stands out as the founder of the modern profession. She was also adept politically and could mobilize public opinion – she was possibly the first spin-nurse. Florence Nightingale has for years been recognized as the founder of modern nursing. The strength of Nightingales model is that it focuses on the patient. The quality of care such focus can bring only serves to improve the quality of the patient ‘s life and does not allow for the nurse to be lost in the management and politics that are found in hospitals today. It allows the nurse to understand where his or her first duty lies and thus makes health care more compassionate.`

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