Flower Boy by Tyler, the creator

12 December 2019

Tyler Gregory Okonma better known for his stage name, “Tyler, the Creator”, whom has 5,414,325 monthly listeners on spotify kicked off his music career more than ever before when he released his new album named“Flower Boy”; which is his most listened to album yet. `It was released on July 21, 2017 and fans immediately adored it. With only 27 years of age he has accomplished to make his tremendous dreams come true, followed with many achievements: being a rapper, record producer, songwriter and video producer.

The whole album itself portrayed Tyler in a way he has not portrayed himself before. Most of the songs that come with the album have a slow temple to it with beautiful melodies and a chill vibe. He collabed with stunning singers like Kali Uchis and Frank Ocean whom share the same rhythm of music. Tyler’s most known for his fast beating rap songs making his voice harsher than it really is. In his songs, he exposes his soft, angelic voice— that makes him sound like a soothing tone.

Flower Boy by Tyler, the creator Essay Example

For example his album that he released before Flower boy was “Cherry Bomb”. Cherry Bomb got a lot of publicity but it was not everybody’s favorite. The way his lyrics were put together made it seem odd and off with a harder beat than his other songs.

Flower Boy focused more on his imagination, the most listened to is “See you Again”, it explains his dream girl who does not exist: “You exist behind my eyelids, my eyelids/ now I don’t want to wake up”.

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