Flu Shot

10 October 2016

Everyone who walks around seems like they are in perfect condition, but sometimes even the sickest look the healthiest. Being surrounded by a small amount of people every day sounds pretty dandy. In reality, being surrounded by people can be dangerous because at a tiny school students are constantly sick. Once one person has the flu, everyone else starts to catch it. It is like a rumor suffusing around the whole school!

When I was younger my father told me that receiving the flu shot sometimes causes us to become infected with the flu. He also mentioned that the flu shot is not always one hundred percent effective; instead there are natural remedies to substitute the shot. My mother on the other hand disagrees. She always told me the benefits for receiving the flu shot include: the vaccine prevents the flu, there are absolutely no side effects, and neglecting to take the shot can be life threatening.

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Until now neither side has convinced me to choose their side.

People need to make their final decision after considering all the information about the flu shot. The flu shot has been unsuccessful in proving that it prevents individuals from catching the flu. Scientists have verified that the flu shot is “not one hundred percent effective” when it comes to eliminating the flu virus, according to Dr. Aviva Romm. Romm is the author of the article, “6 Doctor-Recommended Tips for Preventing the Flu” which claims that people choose not to take the flu shot because it is “only fifty percent effective and can cause the flu”.

The vaccine only works half of the time, and sometimes instead of preventing the flu it can actually cause it. This is pretty ironic because are we not trying to avoid it? Vaccines can be inefficient and sometimes people do not know the truth about the flu shot. The article, “Flu Vaccine-Think Again” written by Dr. Randal Neustaedter states that the flu vaccines are essentially “useless” when it comes to preventing the flu, and will most likely cause it. He also claims that the flu vaccine can potentially damage your nervous system.

The flu shot is not as effective as we think and can potentially cause damage to our bodies, therefore is it worth receiving? With a treatment results a side effect. Take the flu vaccine for instance. In the year of 1976 the vaccine was claimed “fatal” by Dr. Randal Neustaedter. How? Well this particular vaccine caused Guillain-Barre syndrome also known as GBS. Randal claims that due to studies on GBS, otherwise known as an autoimmune nervous system reaction causes unstable gait, loss of sensation, and loss of muscle control. GBS causes the loss to feel and harmful control of the muscles. Not only does it cause GBS but also causes the flu.

In the article, “6 Doctor-Recommended Tips for Preventing the Flu” states that whether or not people receive the flu shot it can cause it, and to top it off the flu can last up to five days of misery. Regardless if people take the proper precautions, the injection will cause the flu which can last up to five days. No matter if the flu shot is received it can still be inevitable. There are several natural ways to prevent the flu. Leigh Erin Connealy, author of the article “8 Ways to avoid the flu naturally” describes raw garlic as a “serious germ fighter that helps the body fight off any unwanted bacteria. A best way to avoid the flu is by eating uncooked garlic which helps fight germs. Connealy also mentions how black tea is a great way to “start your immune system” and how “a recent Harvard University study confirmed its healing affects”. If Harvard University approved it, why not others? Studies have shown that people who drink five cups of black tea a day for two weeks had ten times higher levels of the cold-and virus fighting chemical interferon than those who did not drink tea, states Connealy. If not catching the flu is as easy as drinking black tea; why are individuals not drinking this beverage to help them?

Running for thirty to sixty minutes daily can give your immune system the extra kick it needs says, Connelly. For those who individuals who are not willing to drink tea nor eat garlic, running is the way to go! Before a conclusion is made, one must consider all options available towards the flu shot. Everyone has a perspective of the flu, whether we believe in the vaccination or not. By discussing the pro’s and con’s individuals will now be able to make a stable decision instead of making an assumption about the flu shot. Facts are/will be stated from both sides; however, the choice ill be in the conscience of those who choose to receive the vaccination or simply avoid it. So, the flu vaccine does not cause the flu? Many believe what is told but others do the research. Example, in the article “Big Shot” written by Robert Bazell states, “studies done of millions of people have now shown conclusively that the influenza vaccine does NOT cause the flu”, what does this mean? The flu shot has been proven to work against the flu but not to cause it, so why is everyone still complaining about how the vaccine causes the flu?

Bazell mentions how people can easily misinterpret the flu vaccination or “they have heard it by someone they know” that it will cause it. The vaccination does not cause the flu, some people may “only be suffering from a common virus. ” If studies are proving otherwise why are people not taking the shot to help them prevent the flu? Could it be fault of the government? Bazell claims that another reason why individuals try to escape the shot is due to “lack of effort by government” and fault of “medical profession to promote the flu vaccination”; therefore, the government is lacking enforcement to the importance of having the flu shot.

It is unbelievable because people believe it. Joseph Williams, an eight year old little boy died in Colorado due to influenza. According to Ben-Joseph Pearl Elana, writer of the article “Is the Flu Vaccine a Good Idea for Your Family” states the life of a young boy who “had been perfectly healthy before the sudden onset of a stomach ache and a high fever” and was quickly driven to the hospital because of influenza. The parents of Joseph Williams took precaution and took him to the emergency room, and it was announced that he had a “brain inflammation”. This was brought upon influenza not the fault of the flu.

The mother of Joseph held a “tearful news conference” where she begged everyone in the community to immune themselves to prevent another loss of a loved one. She states, “If more people have been vaccinated, their child might have never contracted the infection in the first place”; furthermore, the remorseful mother took action to encourage people to receive the shot to help prevent another loss. Elana states “by immunizing yourself you vastly lessen the chances to spread the virus to some child or older person”, by simply receiving the shot yearly it can help stop spreading the flu to others.

Side effects are a particular reason to why people prefer not to receive the flu vaccine. Centers for Disease Control also known as CDC says that “1 out of every million people vaccinated might develop GBS”; if the chances of an individual to catch Guillain-Barre syndrome is slim, why is everyone so judge-mental into thinking they can be that one of a million? The article “10 bad reasons for skipping the flu shot this year” states that people are worried about the ingredients found in the vaccine like “Mercury” and “Thimerosal”, but what is there to be worried about?

Vaccines in the country no longer contain these deadly ingredients. CDC states how that “there is no conceiving evidence liking to mercury-containing preservative” if the evidence is not there why is everyone so skeptical? The only risk of not having the flu shot is dealing with the flu and its tedious symptoms. After all the facts have been stated, people should be able to come up with a decision to whether or not have the flu shot. Yes, Dr.

Aviva Romm gave other natural alternatives to prevent the flu, but in reality how many individuals are willing to change their lifestyles to not catch the flu? If regardless they are going to catch it? Ben-Joseph’s perspective of the flu was more than sufficient. The loss of a loved one due to the flu made me realize the importance of yearly vaccinations. People now have a decision, to stand by the flu shot or avoid it.

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