Fluid Mechanics

4 April 2015
Study of behavior of fluids. Fluid statics, kinematics, conservation of mass, momentum, energy, potential & viscous flow, more.
Fluid mechanics is concerned with the science of fluids in motion and at rest. Applications of fluid mechanics include the design of golf balls, and the study of meteorology, oceanography, and engineering such as the design of bridges, dams and tall buildings. Biological and pharmacological fluid mechanics, such as the transport of blood and drugs in the blood stream, are also becoming important areas of research.
Most people are not aware that every human being is in fact an expert in fluid mechanics. We sustain our physical bodies by breathing air and drinking water. Every day we see changes in atmospheric weather patterns, feel the shifts in wind direction, and recognize the signs of impending precipitation. We all know from an early age that the water in streams and rivers flow downhill and notice the ocean waves generated by the wind.

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In fact, we are so accustomed to all of these things that we don’t consciously think of them as examples of fluid mechanics.
Essentially, without fluid mechanics our bodies could not function. Our hearts pump blood throughout our bodies, supplying our cells with oxygen and nutrients, and carrying away waste products.

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