Fluid Regulation in Weightless State

4 April 2015
Examines research studies & space flight experiments measuring body fluid changes for scientific & medical purposes.

Fluid Regulation in a Microgravity Environment
The extraterrestrial environment presents human beings with innumerable physiologic challenges. Astronauts engaged in space flight may experience alteration of their bodily fluids and electrolyte balance. Weightlessness generally causes a reduction in total fluid volume. In addition, there is typically a cephalad redistribution of the blood and other body fluids. This cephalad shift initiates a series of compensatory mechanisms, many of which involve hormonal fluctuations. Unfortunately, data collected from human subjects during actual space flight is rather scarce. This paucity has led to the use of various ground-based weightlessness simulations. Two important experimental techniques include the water immersion and bed rest methods. Unfortunately though, despite the considerable research..

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