Follow The Leader

“Follow the Leader”: KornKorn has recently released a new album titled “Follow the Leader.” While their same hard-core aggressive style lives on, their sound has changed a little over time. They continue to use their classic screaming guitar riffs as a main catch, but have darkened their style and incorporated more hip-hop influence. This is especially featured in the hit song “All In the Family.” Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit took part in making the insane sound possible by adding his maniacal vocals to the mix. The combination of Davis’ simply untamed and savage voice and Durst’s almost whiny, yet wild, voice creates a devastatingly integrated sound. The wicked baselines, which incorporate slapping and bouncing along with other fast styles of playing, also produce a sound that has become part of Korn.The album contains other popular songs that include “It’s On,” “Got the Life,” “Dead Bodies Everywhere,” “Children of the Korn” and “Reclaim My Place.” Each of these songs includes a deep and intense sound that is synonymous with the band’s name, a sound that Korn’s fans have grown to love. Jonathan Davis also includes his bagpipe playing skills on this album.The use of seven-string guitars and screeching effects gives Korn an original sound with power behind it, which is what makes Korn a force to be reckoned with. Besides fierce vocals, its savage musical sound makes it all the more forceful. The seven-string allows for Korn to generate a low rumble with dark tones.I hope to continue to see Korn progress into a musical powerhouse with a sound so great no one can mistake it. .

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