Follow Your Dreams

2 February 2019

Since the second grade, I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. There is just something about taking charge in the classroom, and drawing on white boards that really caught my eye. More importantly, I want to help others learn and help inspire them to dream big and achieve their goals, seemed more like a dream come true itself. When I was younger, I used to play “teacher”. I would make my own role sheet, my own worksheets, write on my own white board, and even put my “students”, which more often than not my stuffed animals, into timeout. If someone were to walk in my room they might have thought I was crazy, but little did they know I was just acting out my dream.

My freshman year, I decided it was time to take the initiative and start planning my classes in high school around becoming a teacher. I took a class, although I do not remember the name of it, it was the introduction to Child Development. Because of that class, I knew teaching was my calling.

A couple of months into the school year, FCCLA got tossed and thrown around in the classroom. FCCLA stands for Family Career and Community Leaders of America, an organization that provides personal growth, leadership development, and career opportunities for students. We helped around the community doing anything and everything that you could think of as community service. As a group, we went to San Antonio to take a test, although I didn’t place, I made some awe-inspiring memories along the way. Overall, the experience was excellent and taught me things I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Then my sophomore year, I took Child Development. Child Development is what sealed the deal. I’m so tickled that I got the opportunity to have taken that class because it taught me way more than I even intended to learn, definitely a blessing in disguise.

The classes and FCCLA I took throughout my high school career have really opened my eyes, and made me realize exactly what I plan to do with my life. They were more of a jump start to the beginning of my career. Surely, I will take everything I have or will learn over the years, and put it into play in the classroom. I’m more than ready to become someone’s inspiration. Bur I am even more ecstatic about to take charge and pursue my dreams.

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