Followership Styles

6 June 2016

Followership Style

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Followership Styles
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Followership can be defined as the predilection for execution or commitment in responsibility assigned from the others in order to achieve benefit sharing (Favara, 2009). Kelly (2008) categorizes followership into five groups which is “Sheep” , “Yes-People” , “Alienated” , “Pragmatics” and “Star followers”. Sheep and Yes-people are dormant workers in common. Exact order must be assigned directly to these groups. However, the enthusiasm for achievement in yes-people is predominant (Kelly, 2008). These people are willing to support and work for organization but have limited ability to find the solution while sheep requires for both motivation and strictness (Kelly, 2008).

Alienated type is the same as star follower in independent personality. Thinking critically and always has enough effort to get things done. Attempting to participate in decision-making with dependable reasons (Thach et al., 2006). The different between these groups are the attitude. Star followers try to drive organization using positive thinking whereas, alienated keep suspecting and going in a negative direction (Kelly, 2008).

To be survived in company, pragmatics think critically and able to follow agreed direction but takes action only on indispensable situation guardedly (Kelly, 2008). Most people prefer to have entire employee as yes-people because this group are devoted, reliable, willing to do all kinds of tasks and also have less eagerness (Kelley, 2008), which is uncomplicated for managing. Some executive blend a group of star followers into an alienated, who give the actual feedback.

Anyway, if there’s not enough challenges and recognitions, the boredom will increase in star follower and easily leading to resignation (Kelley, 2008). Although, too many star followers can causes problems in high turnover rate, Kelley (2008) experienced that the company with more employee in this group resulted in better performance.

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