Following Your Dreams

5 May 2019

The truth is that I don’t want to go to college. Throughout elementary school and middle school, I focused on my grades and maintained an A-B grade level. I was a good student; I always respected my teachers, did my homework, and was still able to balance my schoolwork with my free time. My relationship with my parents was great; I did what they wanted me to as soon as they asked. My eighth grade year began my struggle. My older brother was away at college for his first year, and my parents grew even more attached to me. Of course, I’m a teenager, so all the things in my life became overwhelming to me. My grades were still at an A-B average, only I was growing impatient and annoyed. That perspective grew stronger in my freshman year, and I was at risk of failing a class. Sophomore year, it became even worse, and I almost failed two classes in my first semester. Often, I wonder what good high school will be to me in the future. In many cases, it won’t have a direct involvement with everyday life. But I also had a wake-up call. These lessons aren’t for their literal meaning, they actually teach you that situations in life are going to be difficult and you have to get through them. So, entering my junior year, I am prioritizing my time and focusing on getting through the struggle. High school is not about getting good grades, it is about preparing yourself to follow your dreams.

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