Food At The PromDescriptive Essay Essay Research

7 July 2017

Food At The Prom ( Descriptive Essay ) Essay, Research Paper

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Food At The PromDescriptive Essay Essay Research
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I have a batch of good memories of my senior prom. The Hilton & # 8217 ; s California dance hall, the dance, and socialising with friends were some of the memories. But most of all, the nutrient was the best memory of all. The nutrient served at Castlemont High+s senior prom was colourful and delightful. One could non assist but to see, smell, and finally devour the nutrient. The repast consisted of hors d+oeurves, the chief class, drinks, and sweet. All of these daintinesss combined made the prom a hearty experience.

I remember vividly the set of hors d & # 8217 ; oeurves. The hors d & # 8217 ; oeurves were arranged in a large bosom to put the temper of enigma and love affair. The bright ruby bell pepper stood mighty in the face of its relation, the low, dull, green Piper nigrum. The darkened pieces of beef had seeable intimations of all purpose flavorer and splinters of onions. The dull pink elephantine runt looked like crescent Moons, outrageously swollen, and merely approximately ready to break out of their transparent, segmented shells.

The odor of hors d & # 8217 ; oeurves served to quicken the appetency of all in attending. The hickory odor of beef stood out to pull everyone near. The runt had a salty odor with a intimation of ocean H2O. The bell Piper nigrums, both green and ruddy, had a prostitute odor, compared to their heavy opposite numbers. My gustatory sensation buds watered, but nil could compare to the following class I was approximately to see.

After devouring the hors d & # 8217 ; oeurves, the chief class was set before us. The agreements of Chinese styled meats, rice, and veggies were delectable. The roasted poulet with its dry tegument was covered by an orange sauce with green onions glued to the surface of the sauce. The rice, darkened to the colour of light brown, housed the pieces of xanthous and white scrambled egg, the cubed pieces of salted, cured jambon, and scintillas of imitation runt meat. The splash fried veggies were made up of carrots, long two inch green twine beans, and the caput and partial roots of Brassica oleracea italica. The scintillas of carrot were intermingled between the Brassica oleracea italica and the twine beans.

Not merely did the chief class expression good, it tasted first-class. The roasted orange glazed poulet was sweet and spicy, spicy eno

ugh so that with every few bites I had to sip some cold H2O. The fried rice reeked of salty jambon, and newly scrambled egg. The rice besides had the aroma of soy sauce, which was used to darken the rice. The carrots dominated the aroma of the splash Fry veggies. The swoon, acrimonious odor of Brassica oleracea italica came in 2nd, while the buttered twine beans had small aroma at all. However, after remaining in the locality, you knew the twine beans were present.

A repast merely wouldn+t be complete without an mixture of drinks. The drinks complemented the chief class. Variety was non a job. One could hold their pick of presweetened Kool Aid, or a natural Smoothie. The Kool Aid+s black/red colour gave me a intimation of what spirit it was: black cherry. The Smoothie was a offspring of oranges and white sweet pick. The combination of these two gave the Smoothie a creamy expression, with white froth bobbing on the top.

Smelling the drinks gave me a calming consequence. For case, the Smoothie+s prostitute orange odor and the Kool Aid+s smooth black cherry odor served to quiet my gustatory sensation buds from the exercise that they had merely received.

In clip, sweet was the lone frontier left to research. There were three choices to take from & # 8211 ; strawberry cheesecake, apple pie, and cocoa fudge Brownies. The cool strawberry cheesecake had fresh bright ruddy strawberries puting on top of the off- white, solid pick cheese underside. The steaming hot apple pie was fresh out of the oven with its aureate brown crust and aureate coloured apples encased in a checker board crusty top. Last, the fudge Brownies were dark brown with pieces of walnuts jabing out of the Brownies as if sunken ships were seeking to acquire out a sea of clay.

The odor of the sweet climaxed the nutrient experience. The cheesecake smelled like a ripe strawberry spot with a light intimation of pick cheese. The apple pie smelled like apples steamed and so suffocated in a room of crust. And in conclusion, the Brownie had the sweet odor of semi- sweet cocoa morsels and baked walnuts.

Yes, there were many memories of the prom. But the first-class nutrient that was served proved to be the best memory for me ; a memory so strong that I will retrieve it for old ages to come.

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