The film had specific points of view that everyone might not agree with and also a few topics that stood out to me. Do animals have the right to a certain quality of life? I think animals have the right to a certain quality of life. I believe any and all animals have the same right to life as any other. In most cases, the animals shown in Food Inc. re mistreated to a degree that people are harmed from it. Therefore, the right should be given. Animal abuse Is real but all changes In the sense that this Is food production not pets. Do people have the right to know what is In their food? I believe people have every right to know what is in their food because of all the deaths that have happened. I think that companies do not want us to know what is in our food due to how cruel they treat their animals. Cheap preservatives Ilke corn are being excessively added to our foods People also have every right to know what is in heir food due to contamination.

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In the film, a mother lost her little boy from e. coll contracted from eating a hamburger. This resulted from the cows being fed cheap filler food. The film also shows meat packers using ammonia to cleanse meat meant for human consumption. Who is responsible for keeping our food safe? The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for keeping our food safe. Not only are they responsible for providing safe food to eat, but they are responsible for ensuring the safety of our food supply. They are also responsible for frequent inspections to make sure our food is safe to consume.

Should access to healthy foods be a right to everyone in the united States? Healthy eating should be a right, we should have access to it, and we should be responsible enough to make that decision. I think the united states needs to make healthier foods much cheaper. Healthy organic foods are expensive and Junk food is often cheaper, making healthy foodunaffordable for the average family. The cause of healthy food being unaffordable increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Over the past 40 years, obesity has quadrupled. Does it matter to you which companies produce your food?

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Yes, I think it Is a big deal on which companies produce myfood. Some companies raise their animals in horrific situations. think they give the illusion that the food you are eating is coming from farms, but it really is coming from factories. A bacterium has been fatal. Some people die because of eating one simple thing. It is very Important to know which companies produce your food due to e coll and contamination issues. Should companies be able to own the DNA contained In a plant? I dont think companies should be able to own the DNA contained in a plant because I feel like it will change farming traditions drastically.

I think that id companies own their DNA; other companies could start putting patents on other crops. By owning the DNA a company could be losing a drastic amount of money being put into this natural occurrence. Should a company have the power to decide tOf2 have the power to keep information from consumers about what’s in their food, it may not be good because questionable ingredients may not be released. I think it should be a law for companies to give every bit of information about the food they produce because it may be harmful to us. Companies should also inform us on what hey put into their food.

Some companies do not want to give consumers information about the food it produces because people may not buy their product anymore. Are there additional thoughts you have regarding the film Food Inc. In other words, what is your opinion of the film? After watching this film, I have become much more aware about the food I buy and eat, the environment, poultry and livestock. I have realized that the food I eat on a daily basis may affect my health in the future. I have also noticed that the food I consume might have bacteria in it that can cause harmful death.

This film made me realize that not every product that is advertised on television and in newspapers is healthy for me. We all have a choice of what we consume into our bodies. This film really opened up my view of eating and made me very cautious of what I consume daily. In conclusion, I enjoyed watching this film. I feel like I learned a lot of information how the food I eat is produced. It really changed my view of some foods. This film ended on a very positive note. Food Inc. also emphasized that we, as consumers, should know where our food is coming from and buy locally and organic as often as possible.

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