Foofighters: The Colour And The Shape

8 August 2019

Most of the music today bothers me. I think we are getting away from our roots as a rock and roll country. We are getting away from the guitar and toward an age of synthesizers and just trying to be different. Most of the time, I find myself going back to old Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Weeser and Metallica CDs because, as a guitar player, this is the only music that I want to play. There are a lot of new bands that have the rock appearance, but if you get down to the guitar music, it’s just copying someone else. The Foofighters have just made a guitar rocking CD that is hard to find today. They have come up with some new guitar riffs that are just blowing me away.

Dave Grohl, the lead guitarist (and the drummer of the old band, Nirvana), has gone and done something that I didn’t think he could. He has become the leader of this band and is going as far as his old band. No one thought this was possible. With all his past experience, he has nothing holding him back from producing a great concert. As you have seen on MTV, they are making some great videos and having a lot of fun doing it.

I like just about every song on this CD, but I think that “Everlong” and “Blackout” are my favorites. These appeal to me because of their use of distortion. They have the pattern of going from clean tonal music to exploding with the distorted heavy riffs. This causes a rush of energy from the music that must be awesome in concert, but certainly has transported me.

If you like early ’90s rock (or you are a guitar player who’s looking for some new riffs to play), you’ll like this music. I promise you that if you get this CD, you will not be sorry.

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