Football Outline

1 January 2017

A. Harvard University created football and Walter Camp is considered the father of modern football. 1. Harvard created based off rugby because many schools wouldn’t allow students to engage in aggressive physical contact. 2. Walter Camp adjusted the game by changing the rules and set forth the beginning of the football we know now a. The teams now consisted of eleven players, and is played on a smaller field b.

He also implemented the rule that offense has only three downs to gain five yards otherwise they surrender the ball, this changed in 1906 by adding 5 more yards and in 1912 a fourth down was added B. In 1892 the first professional game of football is played 1. Latrobe YMCA played against Jeannette Athletic Club A. William Heffelinger was the first professional player, he was paid $500 b. Football got a reputation as a high injury and high mortality sport II. From the 1950’s football has been became the most popular sport in the U.

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S A. In the 1950 professional football has become a major sport in the U. S 1.

T. V made football become a major sport in American lives 2. Sports figures like Paul Hornung, Johnny Unitas, and Bobby Lane made people cheer for another city teams B. The 1960’s became the start of the most popular sport in America 1. In 1967 the Super Bowl was created by both the AFL and NFL to prove who is the true champion is. 2. In 1970 the AFL and NFL merged together after the AFL couldn’t attract enough viewers to compete with the NFL 3. From there on the NFL just became more popular with teams like the Steelers, the 49ers and the cowboys winning the super bowls and creating a major fan each team C.

Football has become America’s past time 1. Football for many fans has become more than just a game it’s become there life. a. Fans have wasted life savings to go watch their team play in the super bowl b. Fans have dressed up in their teams mascot to show their team spirit and show how they feel many people call them hooligans my opinion they just love their team. Conclusion I. Football has been the dominate sport of the U. S since the 1950’s and it was all started from a simple game in college. II.

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