Footwear Giant Adidas and its Brand Strategy

4 April 2015
This paper examines the footwear market and the strategy that adidas uses to compete with rivals

The following paper gives an analysis of adidas supply chain management and discusses what Adidas’ current position is in terms of the supply chain . The writer further examines what actions Addidas are taking to deal with the suppliers and buyers. Finally this paper investigates the relevant globalized drivers such as: market drivers; cost drivers; competitive drivers and government drivers and integrates all of these products into three specific consumer-group targeted divisions: FOREVER SPORT, ORIGINAL and EQUIPMENT.
Overview of the footwear industry
German market

Footwear Giant Adidas and its Brand Strategy Essay Example

Company information
General information
Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

Brand Strategy

Global Market
Street Ball and Common customer needs
World Cup Multinational company battlefield
Feel the Breeze

Cost Management Manufacturing Strategies
Technologic innovation

Government Forces
Political Risks
Say NO to Indian Leather

Global Competitors
Global Challenges

Adidas have become successful because of the brand strategy they are using, also the focus on the quality of the products, which they produce. adidas feels that it can gain an advantage over competitors by making a product that which is extremely technologically advanced. While many companies in the shoe industry try to gain an advantage-using price such as Nike and Reebok, however, that the quality of their footwear make customers return. For the future, adidas look to expand the manufacturing to satisfy the large the demand for its products. The desire to increase its share in the market requires it must lower the cost of producing the products making the company more efficient.Furthermore, adidas must diversify to maintain high-level of trade and strength in order to have a bright future in the athletic footwear market. The strength of this market but will have to improve their products to retain the strong demand for their products.
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