For Crying Out Loud! by Starf****r

10 October 2019

I need to get this warning out: For Crying Out Loud! by “Starf****r” is not by the same much more well-known STRFKR that most of you people would think it is. It doesn’t even come close. This album was released by Evil Penguin Records (the other Starf****r have been signed with Badman and Polyvinyl Records) in September 2009, and judging by listening to it, the band probably stole the name of the Portland-based electronic rock group to get this extremely mediocre to under-average record popular. And while I will admit Portland’s Starf****r with lead Joshua Hodges don’t really make anything ground-breaking, avant-grade or excellent, they do still come out with a lot of very fun, charming, original and catchy tracks to listen to, and they didn’t steal another already-used name to get their songs on TV commercials and movies including The Faults in our Stars. Oh, and they’re definitely a billion times better than the other group.

As for For Crying Out Loud!, it’s just another lame contemporary punk album. The production, while not horrible, is pretty much what you’ve heard in every other modern pop/emo/contemporary punk rock LP out there, and the lyrics are so forgettable and uninspired that you’d rather be listening to the other STRFKR’s Reptilians that actually had interesting lyrics infleunced from Alan Watts about death and the end of the world. Also, the singing in For Crying Out Loud! is amateur and lifeless. For crying out loud, at least put effort and not use cheap antics to get noticed. Doing the latter decision is much like making an asylum mockbuster just to get a quick buck! There is much more satisfaction and excitement you’ll get from listening to the Portland group’s works, and you’ll find none of that in For Crying Out Loud! Feel free to thank me for warning you.

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