For God And Home And Native Land

7 July 2017

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For God and Home and Native Land

In Illinois during the twelvemonth 1900, moderation and prohibition were outstanding issues on the societal and political phase. The moderation motion found most of its disciples in middle-class adult females. Urban adult females saw the linkages between poorness and alcohol addiction, while many rural adult females were cognizant of how the isolation of farm life amplified the horrors of intoxicant maltreatment. The moderation motion was straight related to the adult females & # 8217 ; s right to vote motion traveling on across the state. The moderation motion enabled the adult females of 1900 to show their sentiment on a affair of importance ( Early WCTU pg 1 ) .

Many people of Illinois did non experience that adult females should talk out about what they believed in. A illustration of this is shown in an interview with Mark Hanna, who was a high authorities functionary in 1900. He said, ? If adult females are traveling to blow their chances over inferior work for which in they are unfitted they will neglect in the grosser project of caucuses and political campaigns. ? His sentiment was that adult females had no right in showing their beliefs and that they should remain at place and rear kids alternatively of seeking to alter the universe ( Hanna on Women Suffrage pg 2 ) .

However, that did non halt the adult females of 1900. Many local brotherhoods of the Women? s Christian Temperance Union were formed and attended by local adult females. A brotherhood in Springfield, Illinois was led by Mrs. Aaron Anthony. At each of the brotherhood meetings, a devotional was conducted. Many competitions and charities were besides given in order to assist raise money for the cause. Addresss were besides given by the members on topics of importance to them ( Temperance Union: Local Organization Entertained at the Home of Mrs. Aaron Anthony pg 6 ) .

Many adult females took Carrie Nation as an illustration and went and stood in bars and sang anthem until everyone who entered was excessively ashamed to imbibe. They besides petitioned against the intoxicant. Historians say that the adult females picked alcohol as a subject because intoxicant was known to destruct places. This is the one thing that adult females were allowed to hold strong feelings on because their occupation was to run the place ( Schwarz, Frederic D. pg 108 ) .

During November of 1900 the President of the Women? s Christian moderation Union came and visited local brotherhoods and praised them for their trueness to the great cause of halting the traffic of elating drinks throughout the United States of America. Mrs. Ada Wallace UnRuh was among the older organisers and was honored with the election of president of the Women? s Christian Temperance Union for 1897-1900. Talking to a local brotherhood she said of her work, ? I am merely a simple adult female, dead in earnest, with something to state and so dying that people should hear what it that I must state it every bit beautifully as I can. ? Many adult females of Illinois in 1900 were thrilled with the thought of meeting such a adult female so valuable to the white thread cause ( Woman and Home pg 3 ) .

The anti- canteen motion was dedicated to the remotion of alcoholic drinks on an army base. Many besides the Women? s Christian Temperance Union were opposed to this. On May 15, 1900 the Methodist churchs of Illinois held conference in Chicago and expressed their hurt of the canteen. They told of their great letdown in President McKinley when the study stated, ? Upon the President, as commander-in-chief of our ground forces, rests the duty for the canteen barroom, an immorality which he has simple power to suppress. ? The conference ALSs

o stated that the church would be determined to stop this act of evilness against a state which was founded on God ( Anti-Canteen Law Comes Up pg 3 ) .

Southern Illinois was particularly of import in the moderation of intoxicant. Carbondale was at the clip a dry town. Dr. Keeley, who was a physician set out determined to assist people be set free from the enticement of intoxicant, set up a clinic for alkies at that place. In this clinic, patients were easy treated and so released into Carbondale which was ideal for the clinic ( Allen, John W. pg 375-376 ) .

Not all moderation motions were after? devil intoxicant? . Many lesser known motions besides took topographic point in Illinois during 1900. Miss Lucy Page Gaston of Peoria was good known throughout Illinois as an first-class reform worker. During the twelvemonth 1900, she was particularly runing against coffin nails. On May 14, 1900 Miss Gaston went to the Evanston High School and gave the misss a talk about her anti- coffin nail motion. When told that all of the 200 misss knew person who smoked coffin nails, she asked who would give up that familiarity in order to halt the spread of coffin nail usage in America. Merely two of the 200 said they would. What she said in response to that stood as a cardinal inquiry throughout the moderation motion. ? Is at that place non one here who is brave plenty to make what she knows is right ( Cigarette Crusade pg 4 ) ? ?

In malice of the moderation motion, many people did non hold to prohibition ( Not a Foe to the Canteen pg1 ) . At the terminal of the nineteenth century, Americans spent over a billion dollars on alcoholic drinks each twelvemonth, compared with $ 900 million on meat, and less than $ 200 million on public instruction ( Early WCTU pg 1 ) . This besides was displayed in one adult male? s statement, ? Beer is older than clip? ( Schwarz, Frederic D. pg 109 ) .

The moderation motion had started a decennary earlier during the adult females? s campaigns. Led by Francis Willard, the moderation motion became a great political issue. Public sentiment was strongly in favour of prohibition, but the authorities was loath to implement the Prohibition Act, in portion because the sale of Liquor was a major beginning of revenue enhancement income. A decennary after 1900 was when prohibition was eventually deriving land in? the adult male? s universe of political relations? ( Temperance Movement to Meet pg 1 ) .

In 1900, Illinois was a conflict land for what the following century would turn out, that adult females be able to show their thoughts and sentiments on political subjects without being named aggressive or unladylike ( Club Women of Today pg 4 ) .

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