For many years the idea of por…

11 November 2018

For many years the idea of pornography and opinions have differed through culture and society. Times have changed and new ideas have emerged in the essay “A feminist defense of pornography” the author Wendy McElroy states some interesting points to consider in three perspectives which is pro sex feminism, liberal feminism, and anti porn feminism. Although some claims may be plausible and credible some sources may prove to be not credible and decreases the validity and strength of her argument.The author views pornography as the core issue of modern feminism and an act of sexual violence.

The reason for this is because the author believes it derives from a radical feminist ideology which is gender feminism. Gender feminism dates back to history as a reference showing oppression on women opposed by the men to express patriarchy. McElroy presents a risky argument that is flawed due to her reasoning based on old history. Since then time has changed and traditions have evolved. Women now hold more roles than a traditional housewife and women now hold a bigger position in the society since they are now voters and they have their own voice. Unlike before times would be to obey the husband since they provided financially and the stronghold of the family. The author also states that “porn makes men define women sexually a definition that determines every aspect of her role in society” (Vaughn 458).

For many years the idea of por… Essay Example

This argument seems to be plausible, but the author’s argument is weakened just because that statement is subjective and that the idea implies women being subjective or seen to be towards men, but in reality it could also be the other way around and does not apply to all the cases. Since then in the men can actually be the one who seeks to be in less of a control and there are a lot of cases today where men can actually service women too. McElroy then begins to relate how pornography relate to violence in women such as the form of rape. This statement I feel like it could be a lot stronger if she actually had a conclusion that supported her premise. I think with more research and data to inform the readers how pornography might not relate to violence can also bring up new plausible factors on violence against women. In the liberal perspective the quote “a women’s body, a women’s right” is used many times to emphasize the belief in free expression and opposes censorship because although they don’t entirely believe in pornography they still believe highly in free expression and censoring and removing pornography is a step closer to violating the first amendment by banning any form of literature and art even pornography. The author then goes on to quote “bottom line is that every women has the right to define what is degrading and liberating for herself” (Vaughn 459).

This quote to me seems to be an open flaw in regards to the content being to vague meaning can find it degrading, but some might not. There would be no rules basically no guidelines on what is right and wrong because it applies differently to everyone. McElroy also states that “pornography is violence because women are coerced into pornography” (Vaughn 460). This statement is not backed up with evidence and data she mentions that although not one of the people she spoke to in regards to the matter did not report of being coerced yet she still concluded with an opinion of “Nevertheless, I do not dismiss reports of violence.” She then goes on to state that women who pose for porn are so traumatized by patriarchy that they cannot give real consent and therefore psychologically damaged and no longer responsible for her actions” (Vaughn 460). I believe the validity and strength of her argument could be questioned here because women who choose to be in the porn industry have their own reasons for doing so. It might be to support her family or her children in need either way who’s to say that they are not psychologically healthy to make their own choices in pornography? Circumstances happen and women have their own decision to do what it takes to cope.

Pro- sex feminist view’s in a woman’s right to choose to participate in or consume porn and insist that every peaceful choice a woman makes with her own body is her personal decision and must be protected and respected. Pro sex and liberal views often overlap in concerns over who will act as a censor due to subjective words such as ‘degrading’ what is degrading? To some who view pornography as an immoral act, but to some it is considered art. One thing that both views agree on is the freedom to act on it and express. The author states how there are benefits in pornography such as an escape for an individual to enjoy scenes or situations that a normal society would frown upon and question. The ability to break certain cultural restriction or political stereotypes is through pornography. McElroy also states that pornography also benefits women politically. All of the authors points that she presented can be true but it is not proven so because she doesn’t support her reasoning behind her claims so I believe that her claims may be based on her own thoughts and feelings which is not wrong, but is not credible to fully believe on.

In conclusion, the topic of pornography is is still a controversial topic we can’t fully agree on, but one thing for sure it was very difficult to pass our own biases in order to identify some of the premises. It was hard for me to not get angry at certain statements such as “women feel patriarchy to me based on through history” one thing that I learned through time and experience is that we shouldn’t back up our evidence based in history or the past. People’s belief shifts and values have changed over time and some people choose to modernize new teachings and ideas, but some choose to stay conservative and stick to traditions. So the question pose if we should protect freedom or virtue? And my answer would probably lean towards freedom just because everyone determines their own virtues individually. Everyone has their own set of beliefs and virtue in which they accumulate through time and as time passes things change and views change so in the end everyone has their own beliefs and decisions, but we should always protect that right to give every person the right to decide on their own.

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