For seasons in North China BY Four Seasons In North China united International College is located in Zhu Hai, Guang Dong Province, which is in the South of China. There seems to be only two seasons throughout the year, which are summer and winter respectively. However, there are four different seasons In the north of China, including spring, summer, fall and winter, which make the weather and the scenery more colorful. The spring faces North China at the beginning of the year. At this time period, peasants are busy seeding crops, hoping they would get a good harvest later.

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The majority of the plants are beginning growing as the temperature gets higher than the winter, which is also a good opportunity for animals to breed. As the temperature becomes much higher, approximately 30 degree, the summer is coming in May. Most people like summer because they can put up their beautiful and cool bathing suits and swim happily in the pool. The sun bathing Is another good choice for people. However, some people hate summer because it is too hot. And in order to keep the ultraviolet away, an umbrella is needed, which is troublesome.

The fall comes after the summer in September. The plants seed In the early spring get mature. Trees begin to lose their leaves. Peasants are busy again collecting their agricultural gains. It is the time for harvest. The temperature is cool for everybody, which is neither too hot nor too cold. The scenery In fall is abundant. The red maple leaf. the golden corn. the pink peach on the green trees and so on. People go sightseeing happily, feeling satisfied because what they paid for have got repayment.

The winter comes in December, which is considered to e fascinating for the sake of Its white and pure snow. The temperature In winter Is the coldest in the year. Because of this, most animals choose to sleep the whole winter in order to keep their vigor. Ice-skating is enjoyed by people in the winter, which Is fun enough. The four seasons In North China are different from each other. People get different experiences in different seasons. The four seasons together make people’s life more colorful. As the words go, life would not be such fun if there Is one season disappears In the year.

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