For the Love of Allah

4 April 2015
A study on the influence of fundamentalism on Middle Eastern politics.

This paper examines the Islamic fundamentalist movement’s effect on Middle Eastern politics. The paper describes the cultural history of the region in relation to Europe and Asia. It takes into account the issues of technology, which divide the growth of the west from the Middle Eastern nations. The author writes that as the centuries passed, and the Arabs became encased in a sort of time warp, forgotten are the days of the medieval merchants who traveled from Morocco to China, of the bold adventurers who led caravans through the desert in quest of wealth. It examines the effects of the oil trade in creating a wide economic gap between its citizens, and only a return to pure Islamic values would purge the state of corruption, restore the equilibrium between rich and poor.
A disturbing trend has gripped the Middle East over the course of the past two decades.

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For the Love of Allah
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In country after country, Islamic Fundamentalist organizations have gained increasing influence over the political landscape. What began, as dissatisfaction with secular Westernizing leaders and political factions has become a full-blown movement in favor of restoring Islam to its time-honored central place in the Arab state. Millions of Muslims, both Arab and otherwise, feel left out of the modern world. They have benefited little from the enormous wealth generated by oil.

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