For the love of the family

6 June 2017

Kingdom A. Utin P. A. W. september 30, 2013 For The Love of the Family Ms. Granados Alienation involves the seclusion of a person from anything because they might be “different”, “special”, “weird” or anything of that sort. This can be displayed anywhere, nonetheless even right in one’s household. Unfortunately, this is the case in Franz Kafka’s Novella “the Metamorphosis”. One of the saddest aspects of Kafka’s, “the Metamorphosis” is the fact that Gregor genuinely cares about his family.

Even though his family shows little to no appreciation for his un-selfish duties pertaining to the ellbeing of the family, Gregor has been relentlessly working everyday up until the point of his metamorphosis. In the time of need when he needed his familys support the most, it would be expected that they would be forever in debt to him for his gratuity. Instead they betrayed him by subjecting him to alienation, as well as watched effortlessly as he slowly perished. From the opening of the story, Gregor is shown to be a person who works hard to support his family.

He works for a firm as a salesman. He loathes the Job, but for the sake of his parents he eagerly continues to ork there in order to pay off the debt accumulated by his parents. According to the text, the Metamorphosis on page four “If not for my parent’s sake, I would have quit long ago, I would have marched up to the boss and spoken my piece from the bottom of my heart”. Here, the author uses a sense of cruel irony within the story because he precisely displays Gregor’s work ethics to support his family.

Whereas when it’s his familys turn to provide for him they intentionally disappoint him. Gregor’s transformation occurred when he first woke up. According to the text, (page 3) “Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams he found imself changed in bed into a monstrous vermin”. In this situation the author cleverly uses imagery to portray Gregor’s metamorphosis. Gregor could only imagine the consequences that would soon come to pass. As many aspects of his life would soon change.

However, he did not expect the limits of familial loyalty and empathy to be tested. When his family realized that Gregor was no longer capable of providing for them, they became infuriated, and immediately directed the blame towards Gregor as if he had planned his transformation, giving them a reason to cease neglecting their own responsibilities as adults. One would expect this to be the least of the Samsa familys problems because meanwhile Gregor is still stuck in his cockroach state. This creates a sense of conflict revolving completely around Gregor.

Due to the fact that he has the mind of a human but he’s trapped in a cockroach’s body. This conflict can similarly be related to what we face today in modern times. For example, in todays society everyone wants to “fit in” with the crowd. Most distinctions one might possess that differentiates them from the crowd, often causes them to be subjected to alienation from the rest, due to the fact that they might not be exactly like everyone else. lienation vs. society. Once Gregor encountered his transformation the process of alienation began.

Quickly his family became disgusted as they had to face the simple fact that Gregor would never be normal again, even though some members of his family refrained from complete hostility towards him. Knowing that his condition was permanent, made them question whether their love, care, support and grief was even worth it. This is why when Gregor became a part of the deceased, they Just moved on with their lives as if nothing had ever happened. Work Cited Page Title : The Metamorphosis Author : Franz Kafka

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