Buoyancy, Force, and Gravity Purpose: To check the buoyancy of the object measured In Newton. Hypothesis: I think the force pulling down on the clay might be heavier then the container with water and clay. Apparatus: 1 small beaker (mL) 1 Graduated cylinder 1 container 1 small portion of clay can Spring scale (newtons) Tap water 1 Cloth Method: First, hang the clay on the hook of the Newton spring scale. Secondly, record the measurements. Thirdly, get a container, fill it with water and put the clay in it. The water should be a little bit above the clay not completely filled.

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Fourthly, hang the container on the Newton spring scale and record the measurements. Fifthly, get a can, put a beaker Inside It and fill the beaker with water. Put the clay Inside It and let the water leak out. Sixthly, use the graduated cylinder to pour In the leaked water and get rid of the remaining water from the beaker. Seventhly, record the measurements of this displacement method. Eighthly, clean any remaining water and the lab station worked on. Observations: 1 . The force pulling down on the clay using Newton spring scale: 0. 29 n 2. Container with clay and water in it: 1. 0 3.

Weight water from the weight in air subtracted: 0. 29 – 1. 0 = 0. 71 n 4. Displacement method: volume of water displaced by clay divided by 100 = 0. 09 n 5. The numbers are close by 0. 62 n. The Archimedes principle: The principle Is that the upwards force that pulls out Is equal to the weight of the fluid, this is called displacement. Discussion questions: The definition of buoyancy is that it is the upwards force that pulls an object or substance up. Volume by displacement is finding the amount of space a substance or an object takes by using the displacement method. Buoyancy, Force, Gravity

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