Ford and Honda

4 April 2015
An analysis of mission statements put out by automobile giants Ford and Honda.

The paper shows how the mission statements of both Ford and Honda reflect both the highly competitive nature of the automobile industry today as well as the fact that these two companies ” like any two well-run companies ” are trying to define a niche in the marketplace that is both broad enough to supply a sufficiently large customer base for the companies to expand and prosper but is at the same time sufficiently focused to allow the company to have a clearly recognized identity. The paper shows how Ford emphasized corporate citizenship and commitment to environmental issues whereas Honda focused more on its products and less on its corporate philosophy.
“Ford is also planning to add a Hybrid Electric Vehicle to its line of offerings. HEVs are an especially important addition to the Ford line-up (as they would be to the line-up of an manufacturer) because they offer a substantial amount of the environmental benefits of a fully electric car with none of the range-of-driving restrictions that a fully electric vehicle has. Although HEVs are not as “green” as fully electric cars, their presence in the Ford stable of offerings is an important strength for the company. Given that many people want a more environmentally responsible car but are unable or unwilling to change driving habits that make a fully electric car feasible, the HEV may well be the next generation of car that many if not most Americans choose to buy.”

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