Ford Pinto Case

2 February 2017

Ford Pinto Ethics Case, Evaluation & Recommendation Instructor: Charles Taylor July 15, 2012 Ford Pinto Ethics Case, Evaluation & Recommendation Based on the evaluation of the Ford Pinto Ethics Case, I have a recommendation to recall the products to have the problem fixed. By doing this good deed we will keep our customers and gain more customers in the future, versus losing them to unethical decisions. I recommend recalling the products to fix the problem with the Ford Pinto.I came to this conclusion because ethically if the company knew about the possibility of people dying with a product they have built, then they should have it fixed to benefit the company in the future. Thought the company may lose 100 million more dollars now, as the company lives on they can build and receive more money in the future.

Tainting the company name can have the company lose more than 100 million dollars. By recalling the products and fixing the problem, this will let the people know that we are a car company that is reliable and that we care about our customers well being and safety.With the public knowing out about our reliability this will increase future sales for us and keep our company in the business. If we do not fix the problem several lawsuits may arise and we may lose more money they we expected in the cost benefit analysis. We ethically cannot put a price on anyone’s life, because money will not bring that person back to life. We need to think about our morals and not be greedy at the moment because doing a good deed with the customers will benefit us in the future.In conclusion, I recommend to have the Ford Pinto to be recalled and fixed to save lives and gain credibility for future profit.

Ford Pinto Case Essay Example

We will gain more money in the future by having more business versus people not wanting to do business with us due to lawsuits concerning the risks of the Ford Pinto. References Sandel, M.

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