Foreign Affairs

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the book “Foreign Affairs” by Alison Lurie.

This paper analyzes the satirical novel by Alison Lurie called “Foreign Affairs”. It takes a look at the two very realistic characters of Vinnie and Lurie and how they cope on a holiday to Britain. It shows the insecurities in all of us and how we try and make other people seem less important for our own self-esteem.

From the paper:

“Alison Lurie?s novel Foreign Affairs details the two, parallel existences of American Anglophiles during a brief sojourn in London. One of these characters is named Vinnie Miner. Her name, suitably androgynous, complements her short gray hair and her childish, thin body. Vinnie is older, in her fifties, and Lurie details with wry observation how women of this age are often conceived of as asexual by the world?s eyes. Her heroine came of age long before the 1970?s radical feminist revolution.

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Yet Lurie is extremely suspicious and critical of this revolution and the way it attempts to encapsulate human affairs and human desires into political theories.”

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