Foreign Etiquette Essay Research Paper Etiquette for

8 August 2017

Foreign Etiquette Essay, Research Paper

Etiquette for Greetings and Business Card games

As we do concern in other states and as we receive business peoples from other states in our American offices, it is of import to cognize how to recognize people and how to show our concern cards. The salutation is the beginning of the concern interaction ; if it goes good, we create a positive feeling that will function as a foundation for our concern treatments.

Business Card games

The ultimate passport in today s planetary economic system is the concern card. It identifies your company and makes it easier for international people to understand your name. Rank and profession in other states are taken much more earnestly so they are in the United States.

For every state in which you travel, have your concern card information in English on one side and in the linguistic communication of the peculiar state on the other side.

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Foreign Etiquette Essay Research Paper Etiquette for
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Include your name, place rubric, your company name and reference, and your facsimile and telephone Numberss.

In European and North American states, the concern card may be presented with either manus. In Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, ne’er present the card with your left manus ; the left manus is considered dirty.


Your first opportunity to do an feeling is when you greet person and exchange names. In America, we tend to be formal but that does non intend we should be careless. Professional, societal, and household positions are really of import in many civilizations. If you say or do something, which is wrong, you can pique others and abash yourself.

Always use a formal salutation when you meet people from other civilizations. Never address them by their first names unless they ask you to make so. In European and North American states, recognize the individual with a steadfast handshaking, good

oculus contact, and the pronunciation of the last name with the courtesy rubric Mrs. Moschler.

In Latin American states, recognize a individual with a light handshaking and possibly an embracing. Remember that most peoples names are a combination of their male parent s and female parent s names. Merely a female parent s name is use in conversation. So, Carlos Mendoza-Zamora would be addressed as Senor Mendoza.

The French besides greet one another with a light handshaking ; the steadfast U.S.-type handshaking is thought to be impolite. By and large, adult females do non agitate custodies. Young people and close friends will often interchange kissed on both cheeks in add-on to the handshaking. And the Gallic frequently shake custodies in departing.

In the Orient, the Chinese system presents the family name foremost and the given name last ; for illustration, Wang Xiansheng would be addressed as Mr. Wang. However, if the Chinese are utilizing English, they will normally set their family names last as is done in the United States. When you greet Chinese people, agitate custodies and turn to them by their family names with a courtesy rubric.

For India and Thailand, a salutation consists of seting your custodies together in a prayer-like place, keeping them about thorax high, and so blowing somewhat. In India, this is called NAMASTE ; in Thailand, it is called Wai. Peoples are addressed by their family names with the appropriate courtesy rubric.

In Assalaamualaikum ( Peace be upon you ) and Waalaikum assalaam ( And peace be upon you ) . Work force may agitate custodies ; nevertheless, retrieve that you should non agitate custodies, snog, or encompass a member of the opposite sex.


You can see how easy it could be to diss person or embarrass yourself as you meet and greet people. Please make your prep before you travel. Fix your concern cards and analyze the imposts. We want to construct relationships based upon regard for other civilizations.

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