Foreigner 4 by Foreigner

9 September 2019

In 1977 the band Foreigner made its way into the spotlight with its debut album: “Foreigner”. Their next album “Double Vision” featured their signature song Cold Blooded which made it to spot number two on the Billboard’s top 100 in 1978. On July 2, 1981 Foreigner released their fourth album, “Foreigner 4”. Despite their previous albums’ success records, Foreigner 4 blew the competition out of the water. Featuring songs such as Waiting for a Girl Like You, Juke Box Hero, and Don’t Let Go, the album’s unique soundtrack attracted people of all tastes to make this album not only my favorite album by them but also their most popular among the public. In Juke Box Hero, the lead vocalist Lou Gramm talks about a relatable topic among adolescents, the desire to become a Rock Star, or in this case; a Juke Box Hero. Then with Waiting for a Girl Like You the audience had a tear-jerking experience listening to the highly successful soft-rock ballad. With everything from chorused vocaling, heavy guitar riffs, to even a ballad with Girl on the Moon, this album has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, head to your local CD store, or ask your parent if they have the album; whatever it takes to listen to this legendary album. Find out what all the buzz is about! Take it from me, you won’t regret it.

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