Foreigners In The Prague Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

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Foreigners In The Prague Essay Research Paper
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Foreigners In The Prague Essay, Research Paper

Foreigners, who visit Prague, could be divided into three groups. The first 1s are visitants who go to Prague, because they want to see historical memorials and bask the spirit of an old town. The 2nd 1s are those who go to Prague, because they want to see different topographic points in the universe. Finally the 3rd 1s are those who go here merely because it? s so cheap here and want to acquire rummy and make stuff, they wouldn? T be allowed to in their state.

Probably most welcomed visitants are those mentioned foremost. Largely they are older, polite people. They don? Ts do any problems here and largely merely pass their money. Those are visitants who help Prague the most, because they normally like it and pass tonss of money here. The best illustration could likely be an older twosome from the USA or EU, who went to Prague, because they heard how beautiful it is.

The 2nd group of visitants is still welcomed here, although they normally don? Ts have so much money. But in most instances they are polite and wear

? T cause many problems. Those people go here because they want to see some historical edifices, but at the flushing they want to hold some merriment. Those people likely are the portion on an eventide Praha now. Typical illustrations are immature people from abroad who want to go a batch while still holding merriment.

The last and likely most despised aliens are those from the last, 3rd, group. Those are visitants who go to Prague merely to do problems or to acquire rummy. They are non welcomed at all, but on the other manus they normally spend a sensible sum of money to be tolerated in saloon or eating houses. But when they go someplace and do problems, they are welcomed marks of constabulary, because they can acquire tonss of money for destroyed belongings. Typical illustrations of such a people are groups of 17-25 old ages old cats from former East Germany.

So from this point of position, most visitants of Prague are welcomed and good treated, even if they are non liked. But it? s all about money. If they have them, they can make virtually anything they want. That? s a existent universe.

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