Forever Hanson: The Band, The Myth, The Legend by Hanson

8 August 2019

Hanson. One word, two syllables, three brothers. Many people first heard of them in 1997 when they first broke into the industry with their hit single MMMBOP. They were well known for their long blonde hair, infectious grins, and their boyish charms and good looks, but they became famous for their soaring harmonies, floating melodies, and original music all in good time. Zac (11), Taylor (14), and Isaac (16) stole the hearts of teenage girls all over America and they won over quite a few families as well with their clean cut looks, mannerisms, and songs.
Years later they are still going strong and they still hold many girls hearts, but those girls aren’t so young anymore. A large portion of Hanson fans are now in college and the younger fans mostly come from having older siblings.
I discovered Hanson in 5th grade in 2005 from a friend of mine and I fell in love with them then and am still in love with them now 6 years later. There is just something about them that draws you in and makes you love them. They play all their own instruments, sing, and write music and it’s all incredibly beautiful. To hear their lyrics, their melodies, their stories, it’s breath taking and wonderous to hear all that they have discovered in life. Hanson always has and always will be my favorite band no matter what age they are or where their music takes them because I know where it takes me…to a whole new place where the only thing that matters is the song, the story, and how it relates to you. I can’t believe that many of the young people today have not heard of them, it’s a shame as they are truly talented as individuals, as brothers, as a group, as a band, as HANSON.

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