Fork Of A Road Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

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Fork Of A Road Essay Research Paper
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Fork Of A Road Essay, Research Paper

Fork in a Road

& # 8220 ; When you arrive at a fork in the route, take it. & # 8221 ; & # 8211 ; Yogi Berra.

Everyday we are met with fortunes and with the fortunes come the determinations we make in order to carry through our lives and do them meaningful. However, once we make a determination, after we pass that & # 8220 ; fork in the route & # 8221 ; , we need to travel on, accepting what we have done, because what has happened has happened and there is nil we can make to alter the yesteryear. Such is a instance in Robert Frost s poem The Road Not Taken, and Alistair MacLeod s short narrative The Lost Salt Gift of Blood. While the character in Frost s verse form has wittingly come to a quandary, in contrast, the storyteller in MacLeod s narrative makes a determination without peeking to the hereafter. Everyone is a traveller, taking the roads to follow on the map of their uninterrupted journey, life.

Robert Frost puts his character in forepart of a route diverging, and he must do a determination on which to take. The two roads are about indistinguishable, but one is less traveled by. He looks in front, but can t see far, due to where it bent in the underbrush. Alistair MacLeod does it otherwise ; the storyteller has come to a fork in the route, but without vacillation he takes the more traveled by. This is the first contrast between the two literatures. & # 8220 ; And both that forenoon every bit lay in leaves no measure had trodden black. & # 8221 ; the foliages had covered the land and since the clip they had fallen no 1 had yet to go through by on this route. Possibly Frost does this because each clip a individual comes to the point where they have to do a pick, it is new to them, someplace they have ne’er been and they tend to experience as though no 1 else had of all time been at that place either. The character took the route less traveled by. The route he chooses makes him the adult male he is. MacLeod makes his narrator take the other route ; he brings the glass of H2O to John s female parent without thought of what lies in front. To Jenny this had great intending it represents engagement. Like most immature

males he takes the easy manner and gets what he wants, or does he. He gets a boy, loses his relationship with Jenny, and carries the guilt of non taking the right route before.

The simple difference is that the storyteller in The Road Not Taken looks in front and chooses to take the route less traveled by, while the character in The Lost Salt Gift of Blood doesn T expression in front and takes the route more traveled by. By taking the route less traveled by, he chooses the route that has made all the difference, non needfully the right pick, but a pick he made wittingly. Before he leaves he thinks Oh, I kept the first for another twenty-four hours! , he realizes the picks and thinks of coming back and taking the other route. I doubted if I should of all time come back this is his turning point, he realizes that he likely will ne’er come back, but he thinks of this before doing his pick. This is wholly opposite to the actions of the storyteller. The storyteller doesn t expression in front of the pick he makes, which he likely doesn t think or ground much about. He takes the opposite route, but he does come back. He comes back to see Jenny, but learns that she had died along the side of her hubby, few old ages ago. He besides learns that he has a boy John, who is populating with his grandparents. He feels guilty and thinks of taking him place, but John s place is in Newfoundland with his grandparents. He comes back to the fork ; this clip he thinks, and looks in front before doing the pick less traveled by. He puts John s felicity in forepart of his and makes the right determination.

The concluding comparing is that the persona thinks in front, and takes the route less traveled by. He is non certain if it is the right pick ; it has made all the difference. He besides doubts if he will of all time return. The storyteller doesn T think and takes the route more traveled by, which turns out to be the incorrect pick. He does come back, merely this clip he takes the other route, the right pick. In decision, the route that will be chosen leads to the unknown, as does any pick in life.

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