Formal lab report on ionic and covalent compounds

8 August 2016

This experiment was divided in four steps to find the electrical conductivity of covalent and ionic solutions. There were four unknown solutes A, B and C. Each had a specific weight and was dissolved in a certain amount of solute to form either the covalent or ionic solution. Covalent compounds are made up of molecules which are electrically neutral. Ionic compounds are composed of ions, which are positively or negatively charged.

Therefore an electric current can be conducted by solutions containing charged particles. Ionic compounds conduct electricity and covalent compounds do not. Once ready the unknown solutions a certain amount of them was placed in four labeled beakers. The conductivity of each was measured with an apparatus containing a light bulb which was plugged in a 110 volt outlet. The ionic compound solutions A C results were bright light, D solution result was dim light. Solution B was a covalent compound which result was no light.

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The results showed which solutions conducted electricity. Introduction: The purpose of the experiment was to determine the electrical conductivity of the unknown solutions and whether they were formed of ionic or covalent compounds. The solutions were careful made and each was tested with a conductivity apparatus. Purpose: Solutes A, B, C and D were weighted to the amounts indicated. There was a certain amount of solvent for each which also was indicated. Each became a solution formed of either ionic or covalent compounds; they had its unique color.

The solutions were labeled to avoid any confusion. In separately measured beakers a certain amount of each solution was carefully poured. An apparatus containing a light bulb was plugged into a 110 volt outlet in order to measure the conductivity of each solution. Results: COLOR OF SOLUTION RESULTS OF CONDUCTIVITY TEST TYPE OF COMPOUND: IONIC OR COVALENT Solution A Color less bright ionic Solution B Color less No light covalent Solution C Blue bright ionic Solution D Light blue dim ionic

The table shows each solution, the results of the tests made and the conclusion of what compound they were made of. Discussion and Conclusion: the results of the conductivity test showed of what type of compound the solutions were made of. The solutions made out of ionic compound resulted in light because ionic compounds are charged which mean they conduct electricity in the other hand the covalent compounds did not give any light as a result because they are neutral which means they don’t conduct electricity.

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