Forms of Energy

1 January 2017

Energy is an important part of our everyday lives. Energy can come in many different types, and forms it can be used for many different purposes. Energy has many different usages and can be converted from one form of usage to another form of usage depending on what the need is. One form of energy conversion is the use of food to supply people’s bodies with energy. Another form of energy is how coal is converted into electricity. Fuel is another form of energy that can be used for many different usages as well.

Fuel is used for much different reason such as allowing our cars to function and our lawnmowers to cut grass. There are many different reasons why people use energy in the many different ways that we use it. Even though people rely on energy usage, some of the forms of energy we use are very harmful to the environment and even dangerous to ourselves. The harmful and dangerous fuels that we use can be changed to alternative methods of energy usage. There are two different types of alternative energy, which is known as renewable energy.

Forms of Energy Essay Example

Renewable energy is very resourceful and is able to be used because it is all around us there will not be a shortage of material and it is safer on every living thing and being. Energy and fuel usage just like everything else in the world has its advantages and disadvantages about using it. We must collectivity figure out which source of energy is right for everyone but for now we will find out which is best to use in your area. Energy is very important in everyone’s lives; it guides us through our day.

The question we must first ask ourselves in order to better understand energy is, what is energy and where does it come from? Energy is in everything we do and use. Energy is a force or a form of an activity. When you wake up in the morning and stretch that is energy. When you go up and down the stairs, you are walking and that is using energy. When you cut on the television to look at the news for weather and traffic that is another form of energy. There are many different ways we use energy on a daily basis. The way that people use energy for our bodies is gained from the oods that we eat.

When we eat a well-balanced meal that consists of fruits vegetables, protein and grains our bodies turn these foods into fuel for our bodies, which gives us energy to do what is needed throughout the day. When people eat a well-balanced meal that includes all the food, groups this is better for our bodies. When people eat the right, kinds of food your body functions much better than it would if people eat candy, chips, and drink sodas. A healthy diet that consists of carbohydrates will keep peoples bodies from taking nutrients from the other organs in the body.

Carbohydrates are a very important source of energy for people’s bodies. The reason they are so important is that people’s bodies convert them into glucose to help people’s bodies function on a daily basis. (John Wiley & Sons Inc. , 2012) . Glucose is sugar that is located in people’s blood. Glucose is carried through the bloodstream to the vital organs throughout the body so that they can function. (The Nemours Foundation, 1995). The way that people use energy for their appliances and various items that require people to plug them into a socket is by converting coal into electricity.

The use of coal is the number one source of energy in the United States. This form of energy is known as an energy carrier, which is used a lot because it is a much safer way to transport one form of energy to another place. (The Need Project) The process that it takes to convert coal into electricity is to heat the coal to a certain temperature then the water is separated from it then moves into another chamber where it is rotated using magnets and other metals until electricity is formed then it is stored in the wires and this is how it gets to the different homes and businesses. World Coal Association, 2012) There is another form of energy that we use to run our vehicles and airplanes and train engines.

These fuels are known as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels come in three different forms. The first fossil fuel is formed from plants and animals that live in salt water; these are called petroleum or crude oil. This form of fossil fuel is used to power cars, lawn mowers, and other modes of transportation. The second fossil fuel is formed from plants that live near or on the shorelines. These are known as coal. The last ossil fuel is formed from the fossilized remains of prehistoric plants and animals.

These are known as natural gas. (Andy Darvill, 2012), (Jent, 2007) This form of sossil fuel is used to heat homes and allows people to prepare their food. Fossil fuels are an attractive source of energy becasue it is not deficult to find an ample suppy of items needed to covert the fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used in many different ways for many different reasons. There are good reasons why fossil fuels should be used, as well as bad reasons why they should not be used.

The main benefit from using fossil fuel is that it is cost efficient. There is never a time where supplies are hard to be located and transportation is very easy with pipelines. The bad reason from using fossil fuel is the pollution levels. Most of the fossil fuels that have to be burned give off a toxic fume that is put into the air through the vents from the factories. The other major bad reason comes from the petroleum form of fossil fuel. There are many oil spills, which kill a lot of marine and wildlife from all the spills. This method is very costly from all the clean up that takes place after an oil spill.

There are alternative forms of energy that people can use in place of fossil fuels. The first energy alternative is solar power. People use the heat and light from the sun to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, and businesses. This is cost efficient also because generators are used to store power throughout the day then the generators. Run. The second form of an alternative energy is bio-fuel. The bio-fuel is made from plants and the feces of animals. The bio-fuel can be used for all types of energy such as heating, lights, and even powering our vehicles.

The There are advantages to using bio-fuel one of which is people will never run out of plants. Bio-fuels are also much safer for the environment. When bio-fuels are used in vehicles, there is no longer any pollution. The last main advantage is that the cost of bio-fuel is so much cheaper than regular fuel. There are disadvantages to using bio-fuels. One of the concerns about using plants is that there will not be enough land to grow plants to make bio-fuel. Some places that the plants were placed were on farmland. The problem with this is it took away the space where food was being grown.

The problem with a little supply of food is that the cost of food will go up because of the scarce amounts of food. (FOIA, 2011) The last problem is that there are not many places that offer or even carry bio-fuel for people to use, and most people do not even know about it in order to even try to use it. In conclusion. There are many forms of energy to use. There are forms of energy that people can burn, store, and even convert in to another form of usage. The biggest question is there any good and or bad type of energy usage. People are going to change things around to accommodate the change in their current situation.

Even if they use bio-fuels for everything, there can be a massive world wide spread of locusts, which kills all the plants then people, would be forced to convert back to using fossil fuels again. All types of fuels have a good and bad usage out of it. People have to use whichever one is best for their living conditions.

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