Origins of the American Civil War

1 January 2018

Do you think there could have been another way to protect the institution of slavery instead of causing war? The Civil War began when the Confederates threatened and attacked the Union soldiers at Fort Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861. The Civil War wasn’t necessary for many reasons, there was a peaceful way out, there were many other ways to solve slavery, and young innocent people were dying. There were many different ways to solve slavery that was not the civil war. The slave south could have accepted the fair election of Abraham Lincoln. The free states could have accepted slave codes for the territories.

The other measures demanded the protection and expansion of slavery. The north abolitionists could have found ways to help the slaves. The northern states wanted slavery abolished, meanwhile the Southern states wanted to continue. Politics were playing a sneaky role in the Civil War, but without the catalytic part that politics played, the Civil War could have never happened.Abraham Lincoln took a strong position, that states would have no right to quit from the Union. He believed it was his responsibility as President to apply the laws that would keep the states in the Union even against their will as expressed by democratic conventions and state legislatures. His policy is ironic and even hypocritical because this position causes serious problems with Lincoln’s own doctrine of the right of revolution that he expressed in Congress on January 12, 1848, during the Mexican War.

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If there was no war, the northern abolitionists could have sought ways to help the slaves in the South, and most likely the Fugitive Slave Law would not have been applied. If all the slave states seceded, then the slaves could have run away to the northern states. Lincoln had allowed the South to secede. In the 19th century, most nations in the world abolished slavery by peaceful means. The British freed all the captured slaves in their empire in about six years and ending it in mid 1840. Most Latin American nations let free all their slaves between 1813 and 1854, and they slowly freed of slaves in Brazil which was completed in 1888.To some the Civil war was necessary, they needIn conclusion, there were many other safe ways to solve the Civil War, but sadly the war was chosen, many innocent people trying to prove that slavery wasn’t a right thing ended up dead more than 620 thousand men dead or were blinded, crippled, disfigured, and others with deadly injuries.

Towns and homes had been burned, railroads had been torn up, farm and crops were destroyed, and forests had been severely damaged, but gladly it ended slavery for good.

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